Late Nights In The Office

I worked at a small consulting company, and in the days before it was possible to run programs on the company computers from home, I used to spend late nights alone in the office. I would get my programs started, then ***** down and wander the halls. I would also sometimes fire up a browser and pass the time surfing for amusing websites. Unfortunately one day I forgot to clear the cache when I shut down the computer, and my coworker found the list of sites that I'd visited. She figured out it was me, but unfortunately not until after she had reported it to IT. That was awkward.

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I guess I was lucky. At the place where I most often worked late, everyone including the boss liked **** and there were no rules about it. As long as the job got done, it was not a problem. They didn't actively check what people looked at, we were just told not to bring viruses and not to violate copyrights on company computers.<br />
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I knew where the entrance camera coverage stopped after turning a corner in the first hallway, so after getting to the safe area I would start taking off my clothes and tossing them down hall in front of me. I would pick them up as I walked by and be completely naked by the time I reached my office. Then I would open up a couple of PC windows of work and couple windows of **** on the computer and work and play late into the night not wearing anything. Believe it or not, I was quite efficient that way. The excitement and pleasure kept me going. You could say I was working HARD! :-)

Before I became a victim of corporate downsizing and the economy and decided to retire I worked for a company that had an extensive IT dept. They were constantly harping on use of the computer and staying off **** sites and only using the computer for work-related stuff. It was mentioned so often that we were all sick of it. There was a guy who had worked for the company a long, long time. He wasn't that old but it may have been the only job he had ever had other than an after-hours part-time job. He was the least likely person to be looking at **** plus he had kids, etc. Damned if he didn't end up getting fired for excessively looking at **** sites on the company time using the company computer. We were all amazed.<br />
I'm certainly not comparing you to him - I'm just relating the story of a surprising incident.

The IT guy said something like "Someone must have used your ID to use one of our computers. Make sure it doesn't happen again." Basically, he didn't want to deal with it, and I was generally a useful guy, so he sent a message, and I got it.

What happened after she reported it?