Step Siblings Dating

Ok so I met a wonderful boy and I am completely in love with him. He is an identical twin. His parents are divorced but both remarried and they have 6 step siblings. My boyfriends twin Kurt is dating thier step sister Jaclyn. You know it would be less weird if they started dating before the parents but it happened after. They have been dating for over a year. They do not have a good relationship at all. Kurt and my boyfriend both are very talented runners. One day jaclyn found out that the state track meet was the same day as one of her softball tournaments. So throughout the track season she would mentally destroy kurt in effort for him to do badly in a meet so he would not qualify for the state meet. She is evil. She successfully knocked him out for the 800 and nearly for the 4x800 but my boyfriend ended up making ground and qualifying. She hates me because both boys got scholarships to run in college and when they left kurt asked me to watch out to she if she was cheating on him. So fall came around and i found out jaclyn was trying to cheat on him. She asked another boy to the homecoming dance but he said no because he respected kurt. She also is just a mean prson in general to his mom because duh her mom married kurt's dad. This whole situation is screwed up. Oh and also he is 18 and she is 15 so everything they do is illegal. I am afriad that is kurt breaks up with her she will get him arrested and sent to jail. She also originally "liked" my boyfriend and wanted to date him before kurt. He is a cute kid i mean im dating his identical twin so yea.
Can anyone tell me what to say to kurt to convince him 1 its weird to state your step sister 2 she is evil 3 you could do so much better.
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That's really messed; only suggestion I can give: move on