Telepathy With Someone Very Far Away

recently I have a hidden relation with someone dear on my heart , although I never saw him yet but I can make telepathy with him .

Maybe you can't imagine how it go on , but this is the truth , we can complain to each other , sometimes I feel he is in real danger and warn him before he goes for this step  and he is doing the same with me .we talk alot , discuess our troubles , but although that both of us think that this is kind of imagination.

till now I have no idea about our future , till now I can't believe that this logic but when I touched some of his information , I discovered that every thing he said was true and yes there's something call telepathy between people . I dream to meet him and then he light my life of hapiness , can this be true soon.?

abeeryu abeeryu
36-40, F
5 Responses Jul 1, 2009

I hear you! :)

I believe it can happen to each one of us, if we try hard enough.

Yes, it can be true at times.

I think it is very weird when people claim to have met their soulmate/twinflame if they have not met them physically on Earth. Where and how do people know when they are communicating with their soulmate if they didn't even meet them here on Earth. I just think that is bizarre. I met my twin flame physically. I felt the spiritual and soul connection. So I know I have a twin flame. It just doesn't make sense to me when people who haven't met their twin but yet claiming that they can communicate with them across great distances.

I have the same experience. It must be your twin flame. I started to hear my twin flame when I was about 12, now I am 33 years old. I never met him. <br />
I actually have kinda given up on him. I think maybe he's a dream. I am sad about it, but when we cannot be with our twin flames we need to find our soul-mates! They are different. God Bless.