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Just Unique And Wonderful Friends.

Through stories and PMs and comments I built and found friendship.
Like every one else, I just can't help appreciating friends without giving my EP friends a tribute.

ladyryan ladyryan 41-45, F 3 Responses Feb 27, 2012

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I wasn't in your circle back then but wanna say thanks for your friendship! ;-)

Likewise, thank you Ricki for being one friendly Chickie. It's good to see "Chickie" is back to where it should be.

Some of my friends missed it soooooo... the chickie is back! lol

Yeah, RickiChickie just looks good on you, with that yellow chick, not to forget.

Great post and nice song.....EP is a great place to meet great people from all over the globe who then become friends as dear and important to us as if they lived down the road

Thanks Izzy.^^ I do feel the same way. Here we can choose our neighbor, as I always thought to be. Each one of us have unique ways for friendship. And yet we can still enjoy privacy, and still be ourselves.

apart from thre odd pain in the arse perv or 2..but we soon get shot of them...LOL

The pervs are not the problem but the admirers! lol

ahhh..very true........but, where would we be without admirers?

You are right Izzy! :-)

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You are so sweet and lovely, and you deserve the best of friends

Aww-w-w I just commented on Ricki's post. Thanks Kat. You are one special friend on here.