The World We Live In

This world in which we find ourselves is in so many ways an incredible opportunity and a journey that connects each an everyone through different ways or forms. The actions and reactions from one person can tell the lifestyle he or she has and in turn affect another person or the next person in just a moment. Clearly, none of us have the same character, neither do we have the same destiny but the best thing about ourlives is, we all have one goal in this world, and that is to save mankind through the wonderful gifts GOD almighty put in us. There is no person on earth that is not needed or wanted to achieve a certain desire. In every person is somthing special, somthing no other person has, somthing that can never be duplicated or copied, but learnt. We all are thus sources of new knowledge, breakthroughs and discoveries that the world cannot lose. But only through one direction and path can our dreams be fulfilled, for only in the sight of GOD is our life a success. Only in GOD'S direction can the thoughts and works of man be treasures and memories of greatness and fulfillment. This is the beauty of life.

Paxy2 Paxy2
22-25, M
Mar 14, 2009