It Has Made Me Stronger,though Sometimes It Doesn't Feel That Way

I was born with what is now known to be the most common neuropathic disease there is, more common than MS, that no one has ever heard of. I was 3 years old when it did its initial damage to my body so I have never known anything different than having this disease. The major symptoms are that it makes the person with the disease, Charcot Marie Tooth, have very weak muscles in their hands and ankles which makes us very unstable on our feet and unable to climb things like jungle gyms when we are children which of course you no longer care about climbing as an adult. My sister was born without the disease, there is a 50 % chance that children born to those who have the disease will pass it on and there are 2 children in my family so we are the typical 50-50, and she grew up with my mother giving me more attention because she had to and it has made her into a person with many more psychological problems than me because as a child she didn't know I got more attention because I was "screwed up" physically and thought it was because my mother liked me better. Obviously as an adult she knows better than that but the damage had already been done to her "psyche". I have been able to live a much happier life than her, despite my physical challenges, because I had to be stronger to survive. I don't know if it is necessarily a good thing that I am better able to deal with life than she is because of having been born with this disease but it certainly hasn't made my life any harder than her life because of the inner strength I was forced to develop. I know that there are many people with more debilitating disabilities than I have and I can't imagine having to deal with any more than I have had to so I applaud the strength of the human spirit in all of its forms.
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I had a friend who was born with some major physical issues, and his emotional experience was similar to yours. He grew into a very strong person, while his non-disabled older sister doesn't have a fraction of his strength.