Daytime Sex

I started taking Wednesday off from work.  That when my wife and I rediscovered daytime sex.  Daytime sex is great because we are both well rested; there is plenty of light; the sun warms the skin when comes through the window.  But, most importantly the kids are at school and we can be as loud as we want.  School is out now but the memory of the last time will keep me horny all summer.
It started after I got back from the gym; was dripping in sweat.  I hoped the shower and washing up. My wife came home after dropping the kids at school.  She took clothes off and the next thing I feel is gentle hand caressing my ***.  I turn quickly to see my wife stepping into the shower.
I plant huge kiss on her lips.  My **** quickly raises to the occasion.  I start rubbing her breast with soap. Her moans encourage me to continue. She slips a soapy hand to my **** and slowly, lightly massage the length of the shaft around my balls: it is the wonderful sensation.  I slowly start kissing my way down her body; slowly licking circle around the nipples.

I finally reach the target as I gentle tongue her ****.  By now the her ***** in swollen and wet.  I truly like the taste of her *****; I am a very oral person and love making my wife *** by eating her.  After a few minute I stand up and she returns the favor.  Her mouth eagerly takes the head on my ****; both us moan with pleasure.  She soap up a finger and slowly inserts her finger in my *** as she suck my ****.  I beg her to stop as I don't want to *** yet.
We move to the bed.  The sun is coming through the window and warming the bed.  She lies across the bed and the sun lights her pink nipples and I see her lush neatly trim bush.  I roll her over and massage back and lovely *** with her favorite lotion.  The precum from my **** is dripping across her body as I begin to rub it against her ***.  She beg to be ****; I say not yet.
I roll off and have her massage my back.  She play close attention to my ***, as she knows that it drives my crazy.  The next thing I know she gotten a vibrator out of our "toy Box'.  She places it between my cheek and the tip is right on my anus. She starts to rub her now dripping ***** against my ***. I feel her juices running down crack.  We are going wild; the moans fill the house.
She  cannot take it any longer.  My wife loves my **** in her *****; it is what she craves. I get ready to enter her but I put on my favorite **** strap.  It make my **** incredibly hard and large.  She grabs my **** strokes it a few times; the **** veins and head strain.  She give it  a long wet lick down the shaft.
With her on her back, I position myself between her legs and slowly push my **** between her engorged ***** lips.  She moans loudly and grabs my *** to encourage me further.
I feel my balls against her body and wet juices running out. I thrush; she moans.  She start rubbing her **** against my pubic bone. She is now moaning uncontrollably.  My balls are aching.  She screams,'I' m *******."
At the same time, I can't hold it any longer and we ******* together and collapse in a pool of ***. I felt each of the *** shot as they enter her *****.  There is a huge wet spot on the bed.  We fall asleep in each others arms.

Needless to say I can't wait for school to start again!!
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3 Responses Jun 26, 2010

I do love this story! It's really got me going... ^^*

Daytime sex is great and can be truly special. My wife and I also love to do it at night and early mornings too especially now the kids are grown and we have the house to ourselves. It’s just something to look forward to… dc :-)

It fun anytime!!