Laundry Day...

We are sitting on our  bed and folding laundry. A mundane task, but we don't care... we're just spending time together. The lamp is on, but not the overhead light. Music is playing softly in the background, but mostly what we are concentrating on is our conversation....

You drop a sock, and bend down to pick it up. As you straighten up, you look at me... and your gaze nearly burns me. The shirt I'm folding drops in my lap. You lean toward me and kiss me, and sweep the remaining laundry off the bed and into the basket. You urge me backward... and begin kissing me even more thoroughly. I'm eagerly kissing you back, and my left leg wraps around yours lightly.... I can feel you rubbing against me... you're hard.

You get up off the bed and shut the bedroom door... and while your back is turned I slip my panties out from under my dress and drop them on the floor, and pull my dress over my head. By the time you turn around my dress is on the floor and I'm wearing nothing except soft skin and a smile for you. You stand frozen in the middle of the room, staring at me... my eyes lock with yours. My right hand starts a slooooow descent from my cheek and down over my breast. My nipples harden in response, and I rub my palm over first one, and then the other. Your indrawn breath can be heard across the room... I part my legs slowly, so that you can see a hint of smooth *****. My hand slides down my body toward it, trailing languidly down until my finger stops to rest just at the very edge of my *****. You're still staring at me, but not at my eyes. You can't take your eyes off that finger... my legs open wider to show you even more, and that finger slides down and brushes lightly over my ****. My body trembles lightly from that contact. As you watch that finger move until it slowly disappears inside my hot *****, you come out of your trance and begin removing your own clothes. I hear fabric brushing against you as you pull your shirt over your head, and the rasp of your zipper coming down... and I watch as your boxer briefs hit the floor. You're hard for me... I can see you want me. I want you just as much... but right now my ***** is being pleasured by my own fingers and it turns me on for you to watch. I slowly stop... stare into your eyes... and bring my finger up to my lips.... and rub it against my bottom lip. You walk closer to me...and kiss the spot on my lips that I just touched. You can now taste my ***** on my own lips. As we kiss, my finger traces its way back down my body toward the place that aches for more. This time I slide the finger all the way inside me, and begin moving it so that it imitates the feel of you inside me. My breath is coming faster and faster, my face feels flushed... you're watching me like I'm the most fascinating and erotic sight you've ever seen. You're going to watch me ***... and I want you to see it. I'm so close... want more... more ... more... the finger moves faster and finds the pace I crave... I feel my muscles clench and my body burns... and then the ****** hits without warning. I *** so hard I'm shaking and can't stop. You watch every move I make, and hear my breathy moans, and you can't stand it anymore. I'm still shuddering from my climax when you lower yourself between my legs and rub your swollen **** against me... I'm so wet and slick you slide right inside, buried all the way to the end. That just makes me shiver more.... Your lips find mine and our tongues begin their frantic exploration of each other... I rock my hips forward so that I can bring my legs up, and then put my knees over your shoulders. You're now leaning on your arms to get better leverage, and this position allows you to get inside me even deeper. The hot satin feel of my ***** against surrounding you is more than you can bear for long. I know you need to *** for me... and I want it too. In a hoarse whisper you tell me how good I make you feel and that you can't get enough.... you want more... I scream your name as another climax rocks me, making me tremble harder than before. Your own ****** practically blindsides you as you *** in a flood that fills me.... you bury your face in my neck as we cling to each other until the aftershocks end. Gradually we move to where you're lying next to me, and I'm cuddled on your chest... trailing my hand across it. We're waiting... because in a short time.. we'll start all over again. Who cares about laundry, anyway ??
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8 Responses Jan 21, 2011

Nothing like spontaneity to keep a healthy love life...!

Wow, I always do the laundry while my Hubbys at work. Maybe I should wait till he gets home lol :o)

Your an awesome writer. Very hot story. I never knew laundry could be so much fun!

.///////////////////.........................................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,S@#t fell off my chair.......I am okay....really i am


Fantastic, indeed - your husband is an incredibly lucky bugger! (BTW: "you're watching me like I'm the most fascinating and erotic sight you've ever seen" - I'm sure you were/are!)

no words to describe, fantastic

Would luv to do laundry ..with you

Great story!! Gives laundry day a whole new meaning!!