He lays me down and gets on top of me. He knows I like it when he decides I will suck his **** this way. I can't move except to open my mouth to take more of him inside me.

He's watching me and tells me I'm a good girl for taking his whole **** inside my mouth and down my throat. He holds me there so I cannot move and I can feel my ***** begin to drip. He knows by the way I'm squirming that I'm wet and ready for him without him even touching me.

He decides it is time to play and make me ***. He reaches behind for my greedy ***** and finds my slippery **** and touches it, softly. I begin to purr with his **** still deep in my mouth. He likes the way that feels on his **** and tells me I can *** if I'm ready to. I am and I do.

He takes his **** out of my mouth and I try not to pout. I thought he would let me swallow his *** but not today.

He moves down and positions himself on top of me and I tilt my ***** up. His slick **** slides right in and I think I may *** again. "Not yet," he says as he starts to **** me - hard. I know if I wait it will be more intense and I do my best to hold on - but he grabs my nipples and pulls and I cry out and ***.

Now his hands are underneath me grabbing my *** and asking me if I would like to taste myself on his ****. I nod because I can't breathe enough to speak.

He brings his **** back to my mouth - but he has a treat for me. Instead of ******* my mouth he just lets me lick him clean - before he **** all over my face and ****.

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sensual story. It is nice to know when a woman loves a warm creamy treat

Very nce stories you sure know how to please your man good job.

Bravo! For enjoying your own husband! A refreshing change from all these "i wanna share my wife" molded tales. A refreshing and ...uplifting ... story! Thank you!

lucky guy

Very hot sexy story ! Very well told ! It aso turns my gf on when i attack her ***** and **** when i am straddling her and ******* her mouth ! WE both enjoy it and she seems to have the same desire as you , as a generous hot lover. you are awesome babe, growl

That is a very intense setting. I love it when my wife wants to be treated a little brusquely, it makes the ******* that much better.

love your story you going me hard from the beginning and i kept on wanting more when you ended..please add me i would love to read more from you

have you been listening out side our window??

Very nice. x

loved your story .wish my wife were like you .

mmmmmmmmm very hot

That's great. It makes me hard and I cannot wait to get a hold of my wife.