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Take The Time For Each Other

My husband and I will have been married for 34 years in September. We have 3 GREAT kids!! I can honestly say that we have sex at least once a day and some days up to 5. Even while our kids were small we enjoyed sex with each other often. The most memorable time for me was at the beach. I straddled my husband while we rocked with the waves. Who knows if we had any spectators. We were lost in the moment.  I have been blessed!!
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My wife always hesitate to make love while our children are at home because we had a bad experience that a child watched us having sex.<br />
I don't have enough power and variation of sex for five times a day!<br />
That is why I need answer or suggestion to make our sex better.<br />
Do everyone who read this reply to me?

Its so good to read such a wonderful satisfactory note after over 3 decades... ! Bravo you two are exemplary

It is really great!<br />
How can you enjoy sex five times a day?<br />
Do you have any variation of sex?<br />
When can you make love if your children are at home?<br />
I apologize for many questions.

I like your questions, the same almost were in my mind also