A Piece Of Meat W/ Fish On The Side.

Today has been a rough day. I have done a lot of stuff I physically shouldn’t do. It’s not the first time I’ve overworked myself and it won’t be the last. I am disabled and deal with a good deal of pain almost all the time. The only thing that seems to help is marijuana. I can’t do it all the time. I have too many things to do that require I be sober. However, it’s been a rough day so I ate a couple of my favorite chocolate chip cannabis cookies. By the time my husband got home from work, I was feeling mighty fine and mighty horny.
I started cooking dinner knowing that our daughter will be home from driving school soon. I’m waiting on her phone call and my husband will go pick her up. I started getting a little paranoid as the minutes ticked by without a phone call. I was imagining all sorts of bad things. Leave it to marijuana to make you ridiculously paranoid. She was 15 minutes late when I suddenly realized she would be driving for two more hours. I was suddenly feeling tingly in those special places. I came in and checked to see if my husband was still playing poker online and he wasn’t so I invited him to *** and play with me. He agreed and I set off to our bedroom in the far reaching chance our daughter should somehow appear. I quickly ******** down and bent myself over the bed. I rose to my tiptoes as I heard him coming in. I could picture his every move. I could hear him remove his shirt and moan as he rubbed his **** not yet released. I was so lit up, I could feel every inch of skin touching the bed. I imagined it was another body below mine but it didn’t quite fit so I changed to the light touch of multiple hands. I have no idea who these people are or why they are here. This makes me wetter as I felt hands caressing the insides of my thighs. Hands are running up and down my legs, stopping just short of my now quivering *****. He must see my reaction as he finally slipped a finger in. It was an instant shock straight to my womb. I swear it’s a different, more intense sort of pleasure. It’s a mixture of a sweet heat and multiple electric shocks. I rise further on my toes to beg him to enter me. I feel two fingers slide in reaching deep, stroking that spot. I feel the wetness dripping out of me. I know he could feel the heat my ***** was giving off. It had to be killing him. He’s waiting now; waiting for my consent to enter. It’s just him tonight, but his training is absolute. Often he is just the preamble. Tonight he gets the entire night to himself. I rock back on my heels pushing out in to his hand. I’m grinding against his palm now. He knows it’s time and I hear his zipper being lowered and his jeans sliding down his hips as he takes them off with his one available hand. He’s stroking my ****, knowing I need him in me now. He slides himself in very forcefully, the way he knows I like it when I’m in a mood like this. He grabbed my hips and started pounding. I suddenly felt a need to be in charge. I pushed him away and told him to lie back on the bed. I climbed atop and slid myself on to his ****. I laid myself atop him feeling every inch of his chest against mine. I began sliding myself up and down his body while squeezing his **** with my ***** and milking it slowly. My recent Brazilian wax is leaving my ***** very sensitive to his touch. I can feel every hair on his body and it’s driving my ******* crazy. It’s like hands all over my body. I can imagine the multiple partners touching my body as I slide up and down his ****. He’s *** multiple times already, but my slow milking helps keep him hard. It’s at this point, real life cut in and I felt some pain in my back. It was limiting my enjoyment of the moment so I leaned down and begged him to flip me on my back and **** me. He was happy to comply. It’s then that I started a period I call “true bliss.” He started to take me. He slid his body over mine while I moaned my approval. I put my legs over his trapping his body against mine. I started to take over the rhythm grabbing his hips and pulling him to me as I raised my hips to meet his body. The electricity began shooting again. It’s more centered now and I’m obviously building up to an ******. I keep pulling him to me begging him to **** me harder. I explode and every inch of my body is alive. It’s stupid sounding, or maybe typical, I really don’t know, but I felt every square inch of my body in that moment and it was alive with pleasure (like the cigarette ha ha). The moment began intense and grew from there extending in to what felt like forever. This cycle continued until my back once again intruded in to my consciousness. I came so much and we even came together. I ******* love it when that happens. It is a particularly intense feeling. This man, my husband, is the only man who has ever given me an ******. I’ve been with other men but no one came close. I want to find a new lover who can help me with this problem.
By the time we were exhausted, it was only 20 minutes until time to pick our girl up. I got back to cooking dinner while he went to pick her up. I served up a nice dinner of grilled steak, shrimp, some pasta salad and corn on the cob. A piece of meat w/ fish on the side.
micmrensel micmrensel
41-45, F
May 9, 2012