Proper Thank You

I'm sure we all think our husbands are just a little bit more awesome than other women's men. I had a lot of reasons to thank mine in the past few weeks. Here's how I did it:

It was Friday night and the weather was cooperating with us. We grilled steaks, had one of our favorite wines and then I told him I thought  I would get ready. We hadn't said anything about going out so his raised eyebrow and smirk made me know he was looking forward to what I was planning.

I'd picked up a new corset a few weeks before and hadn't yet had the opportunity to wear it. Last night was the night. I pulled the laces tight and got into the pretty ruffled panties I bought to match. There were red ruffles which meant red heels and lipstick. I did my hair in pigtails, added the perfume he likes and I was ready to go.

He was waiting for me on the couch and looked very appreciative of my new outfit. I knelt before him and undid his belt while leaning in for him to pinch my nipples that were spilling out of the top of the corset. I started with his **** all the way in my mouth, choking me just a little as he continued getting hard and forcing me to take more of him inside my mouth. He held me there for just a minute and then had me lean back so he could stand. Kneeling properly now he positioned himself so that he could grab my pigtails and guide my mouth to the depth he prefers.

"Your ***** must be getting wet," he murmured. I couldn't answer him with my mouth full but I looked up at him and tried to nod. "Let's see," he said and took his **** out of my mouth and told me to get on the couch. I knelt with my back to him knowing he hadn't yet seen me from behind.

He reached into my panties and came back with a slick finger for me to taste. "Little ****," he whispered in my ear. "My **** is going to slide right into your ***** - and get it wet enough for your ***."

I started to squirm. He hasn't been in my *** for a while and I'm both impatient and anxious. I'm worried he won't slide in as easily as that - but I will never be able to say no. I want his **** in my *** so badly I will take a little bit of pain. And really, who am I kidding? I love a little bit of pain - and he knows it too. I feel his hand spanking my *** and I know this is going to be as much a thank you to me as it is to him.

He ***** me and I want to *** right away - but I make myself wait. It is so amazing to wait. He does slide right into my ***** and I'm both instantly filled and thrilled. I ask him if he will let me lick his **** clean (and wish for an instant there was another woman here with us to help me). "Not yet," he tells me and takes his **** out of my ***** and guides it up to my ***. "Oh god," I think, "I'm going go ***," and try to hold back. I want to make sure I'm ready if he decides to drill right into my ***.

He goes back into my ***** and reaches around to my ****. It is so wet that he pinches it to get hold. I gasp and silently ask myself again who is being thanked here. He knows by now that I am holding off on my ******. (He knows because I would normally have come several times by now if I were letting myself.) "Suck my ****," he tells me in a tone that isn't one open to any answer other than me on my knees.

After I've licked him clean he sits on the couch and looks at me and says, "**** me," and I get on top of him and begin. "Will you let me ***," I ask. He spanks me and says, "Not yet." It makes me want to *** that much more to be told I may not. He lays me down and ***** me hard. "You'll wait for me to fill your ***** before you may ***," he says, because he knows that will please me. I am so spoiled. He fills my ***** and gets off me. "Play with it," he says as he wets his fingers and begins to fill my *** again. My ****** is so intense I am afraid I will wake the people next door. When someone as multi-orgasmic as I am waits, when I finally do *** it is incredible.

He is incredible. I thank him again - for his help the other day - and for this ******. Wow.
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Lucky couple...just like us! Isn't it awesome?