My Husband's Dream Come True!!!

     My husband has always dreamed of seeing me with a woman. Not necessarily a *********, he would just watch. For years he's mentioned it in passing, but it was never on the table. I was never in that state of mind. When I let him know how I felt, he pretty much dropped it, but I know that he has never given up that "dream". 
     After years together, and knowing each other so well, nothing is really "off the table" in my mind. !!!  We both love to please each other, and have had many experiences to prove it. I have a few stories here, as well as my husband.  Well, recently we've been helping a friend who lost his wife. I'm not taking all the credit for bringing him out of the funk he was in, but my husband agrees, I get most of it.
     For my husband, and only for my husband, I had an idea. One of my closest friends, Tina, have known each other for years. She is extremely hot, and she is divorced and hangs out with us a lot. I started thinking that if I was ever going to go there with a girl, it would be Tina. We both are very touchy-fee-lie to begin with, and I'm sure she'd take into consideration. We've joked about it in the past because my husband has always said, "Man, would I love to see you together!!" We'd all laugh, but Tina and I knew he was not kidding. This went on for quite sometime. So, with recent events I talked to Tina about some naked cuddling, etc. We've all been naked on the beach before, so it didn't come across as a shock.
   As a surprise, I told my husband that we're going out Friday night. Tina, him, and I. He just thought we were going out on the town. Tina and I both had really hot outfits, and we decided to take baby steps. I should backtrack. My husband and I don't swing, and don't sleep around. I was going to fulfill my husbands dream since I had fun helping our neighbor. Tina was the perfect choice for me, if I ever was going to do this. So, timing is everything they say.
    Tina comes over and we were in the den when my husband came out dressed. The look on his face was priceless when he saw us. "Oh my soul!!! You girls look amazing!!!"  He had that look like "I'm with these 2 babes.

     Went out and had a blast. Drinks, dancing, teasing. Tina and I were feeling quite good, and my husband was loving the attention he was getting to. The guys in the place would have a look of admiration when they passed. After a few hours, we left and started home. Tina and I jumped in the backseat laughing, and he drove. My husband had trouble keeping his eyes on the road. He was constantly looking in the rear view mirror..Tina and I were kissing, giggling, and grabbing each others breasts. I know I was really enjoying this first experience and Tina was definitely getting aroused. Just before getting to the house, I had just started sliding my hand up her thigh and the heat was a major turn on. I did get to her *****, and she ran her fingers on mine before we got out of the car, and both of us were dripping. We told my hubby that he could watch but we weren't sure about all three of us. He could care less. "No problem, I'd rather watch anyway."  Tina and went to the bedroom fondling each other the whole way. My husband grabbed a 6 pack and sat on the porch watching us through the sliding glass doors into the bedroom.

     Tina and I fell asleep afterwards and my husband slept next to me. I was in the middle of my 2 lovers.
Ain't life grand???
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Hot storie if you think se is hot she must be amazing sorry cant see the pictures

Hot story w great pics. My Guy said holy **** .......that's wonderful!!!! Thank 4 getting him nice & hard.