When he takes control

The best sex is that raw animalistic can't get enough of eachother sex.  Pull my hair, hold me down, bite me, make me come multiple times sex.  Sex that says.....he owns me....I am his.  Feels so intense I can't control myself.....because he controls me.  Not wanting it to end. 

Damn last night was great :)

LovingPink LovingPink
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7 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Smiling. .I know the feeling dear.we have been married 45 years and it is still awesome!!!

For me, ******* deep inside her is also very necessary. It's like my mark, telling the world that she belongs to me and only me.

I love the pure animalistic sex sessions too. Being blindfolded, and not knowing where he's going to touch me is great too.

Sounds perfect to me!

Put the Oral commitment in from each partner and you got a party started.

love that kind of sex, 1/2 love 1/2 raw sex, got to love it.

Or should I call him Ospama

yeah baby