My wife has had medical issues over the last 6 years or so which has made our sex life sporadic.  Between different operations doggie has been pretty much out of the question.  We tried again last night and she isn't quite ready.  She was able to stand up though.  I pounded away at her and it was great.  She was able to stand there and take every thing I had to give.  Towards the end I was able to pull out and put a condom on.  It was one of the ribbed kind but I don't think she noticed.  It did allow me to last a little longer ******* her for all I was worth.  When I came I had ahold of those hips and was as deep as I could go.  I knew it was my wife, but with that beautiful *** right in front of me it could have been anybody.  It's great she is getting better and can really "take it" now. 

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

She certainly seems to have a smile on her face more often these days,

You go for it! I bet she's just as happy as you to be back in the saddle. Hope the days ahead just get better and better- it's hard to be away from your mate physically.