Oral Sex That Turned Hardcore ... And She Loved It!

I was with my wife recently on a trip which was for a little celebration. When we have weekends like that, we always have more sex than usual, and sometimes experiment a bit.

She had always been resistant to my going too deeply into her mouth. Normally she controls the depth and only takes about half of me in her mouth, claiming an issue with gagging. Well, we got into it, and I tried thrusting into her throat again. She was on her back with her head towards my **** on the bed, while I was over her standing by the bed. As I was in her mouth, my hands were in her *****, playing and thrusting into her down there. A dominant feeling came over me, and I started to force my **** more and more deeply into her mouth, and then throat, until I was buried deep in her throat. My balls were mashing into her face. I was actually thrusting into her throat!

Not sure what changed in her, but she was taking it, and suddenly her ***** just flooded - not a squirt, but a definite sudden juicing up. Obviously she liked it! I am not huge, but not small - 7.25" long, and very thick around - 7.5" in circumference. I love knowing a woman likes feeling all my shape and ridges in her, no matter what orifice.

I took charge, and tried a few things, like having her play with my balls, then lick my sack as I lowered my balls into her face. She seemed to love it all, and was taking my **** without hesitation. You simply have to love a wife who loves you through your ****!

Since she was enjoying it, and loves swallowing, I finished that way that particular time. I gave my wife a good flood of my own juices. As always, not a drop was missed. She is an angel about swallowing my ***!

Rest assured, her *****, and other places, were also thoroughly enjoyed later that night!

PensacolaJoe PensacolaJoe
51-55, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Great story. I too am very lucky. Sex is very satisfying and we both love oral sex. Lately I've tried sucking **** and generally enjoy it but nothing beats what my wife can do to me.