I'm On The Track Of Simplifing My Life.

Hi all...I'm new here and this is definitely a place I'd like to be in.  I have not yet simplified my life but I am working on it and may be asking for your help over this next year.  Well, not that I need to put a dead line on it but I think it will help me to keep pushing forward on this journey of mine to simplify. So, I would appreciate any tips and/or advice. Thank you for your help in advance.  They say a cluttered house shows a cluttered mind and I need to simplify simplify simplify.  Because my soul definitely needs it. 
AmberRays AmberRays
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

Hello AmberRays Im quite new too only been here a few weeks. Im a serious hoarder, always have been but the relief when I do do some uncluttering is wonderful. Someone told me (apart from clothes you save for special occasions) if you havent used something for over a year then get rid of it - dunno if that includes partners though!