Green Gold And Hella Huge Lol

I've always been told since I was little that I have very unique and gorgeous eyes by just about everyone who sees them. They've actually changed a great deal in color since I was younger, used to be bluish grey w a lil green mixed now they're a bright gold orange in the middle, olive green throughout then deep blue on the rims. Most can't tell when color they are unless they're close to my face. Also I have huge and I mean HUGE eyes and usually pupils as well (they don't even get need dilated at the docs! crazy huh?) but bc of this I've had a few people think they're actually brown or black hahaha I've always been attracted to brown eyes most and I guess used to wish mine were that color (only one in my family that doesn't have brown eyes) but they are very pretty and I have come to love the uniquiness of my eyes very much smiley
3yoon5a9rah 3yoon5a9rah
22-25, F
Aug 4, 2010