They're Green If I Say So

I think my eyes are by best facial feature. I have always thought of my eyes as phthalo green, because of the blend of colors in each iris.
Less than one third of my irises are brown, just a little lighter shade than cinnamon, a flare around the pupils. The next third is a blend of pale greyish green and a darker moss green tendrils. Last, smooth Hunter green against the outer edge of my irises. All in that wispy fashion eyes have.
I suppose others think my eyes are better catagorized as hazel. I consider them Green because hazel, by definition, can "change" or "appear to be" pretty much any other eye color. My eyes do seem darker or lighter (almost black or grey, respectively) depending on lighting, and my mood or so I've been told. But they have never resembled true brown, blue, or voilet. And besides, I love green.
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1 Response Nov 12, 2012

Green is nice!