I don't claim to have even a rudimentary grasp on the complex topic that encompasses genetics and heritability, but I find it bizarre that I'm the only person in my immediate family (2 blue-eyed parents, 3 blue-eyed siblings) AND my extended family (on both sides) with green eyes.  Also, none of my grandparents (all deceased) had green eyes.  I found the coolest web tool(though the URL escapes me at the moment)-an eye color predictor-but its programming was set up such that it didn't allow me to finish inputting my data.  Supposedly, it was "impossible" for me to have ended up with the phenotype that expressed itself in my cat eyes.  Obviously, the tool had been simplified, but still.  I was all disappointed that I couldn't use the tool.

Anyway, that's my (somewhat disjointed and lacking any central point) story.

Does anybody else ever get asked if they're wearing color contacts?

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maybe your the milkmans...Lol i kid. i have a cousin who has blue eyes, yet both her parents and brother have brown...

my friend said and i quote = "are you wearing green contacts?" ME= "no"<br />
"oh well your eyes are like really pretty"

i'm the same--the whole family has brown eyes. although i guess that is what "recessive trait" means.<br />
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also, i read somewhere that although they (the ubiquitous "they") believe they understand how green eyes are inherited, that sometimes it occurs or doesn't despite predictions in a child. the claim was that it is now a theory (although i only read it once, and can't remember where) that sometimes green eyes develop in utero with no clear genetic reason. <br />
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almost all people that have green eyes have chameleon qualities, because supposedly the only base colors from which all eye colors are composed are blue and brown. green seems to be about an even mixture of both, with some tending towards one or the other. <br />
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not very many people have noted my green eyes, perhaps because i wear glasses. sometimes it irks me, as i find it one of my most striking features.

I know! Glad somebody can identify with me. :)