Green Eyed Girl...

I was born with the most unique blue eyes, my parents told me that when I was a toddler they used to get stopped and asked if I did baby modeling because I had the most peircing blue eyes. I don't know why it happened but when I turned 7 my eye color started to change, at first they started turning this light grey color, and eventually they ended up being this electric green color, whenever I'm in the sun you can see flecks of yellow in them its really weird. Whenever my mood changes or Im wearing a certain color, so does my eye color my friends in high school used to think I wore colored contacts until I had to take mine out and show them that they are just regular clear ones. When I look back at my baby pictures I sometimes wish they had remained that really pretty blue color, but I guess life happens and you can't change things like that.

GreenEyedGrl GreenEyedGrl
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Your eyes sound gorgeous.

Lol, your eyes sound pretty cool. :)<br />
<br />
You are blessed regardless!

Green is the coolest eye color; it reflects the most colors, especially if you have hazel eyes they have the most colors in them.

MIne did that too! I had oceany blue eyes and as a toddler they turned greenish-brownish-greyish hazely mix. MIne change colors too!