They go from a dark grey/blue when I am/have been in darkness, to a light grey, almost transclucent when I have been in too much light and then more green when I cry.
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I have My white contacts on in the profile pic on here but few can tell as My eyes are very light grey and so people think it looks natural on Me to have such light eyes. :-)<br />
<br />
I also have black contact lenses and they look more striking and unusual.

You have the most awsome eyes I have ever seen . WOWIE .Andie

Thats interesting that yours get darker when you cry as Mine are the opposite.. they get lighter when I cry and even lighter still when I am in bright light which they dont like.

How beautiful. Mine are a pale blue but darker when I cry, and light green in direct sunlight

My Love has the same colour eyes as you.. they are beautiful. :-)

Your eyes sound really pretty. Mine are hazel. They are green when I cry, brown when I am happy, and very dull when I am sick or feeling depressed. But, sometimes, they turn a golden color depending on what eye makeup I wear.