Going Gray ... Accepting Myself.

I am at a place in my life where I want to ***** away all the complications/ extras I simply do not need.  I am getting more and more into yoga which is bringing me serenity and a deep acceptance of my Self.  I am tired of coloring my hair.  I want to be free of the expense, time and worry.  I want to let go of the bondage of false self involvement.  So... I have decided to let my hair go gray.  I am 45 years old and I am ready to accept myself as I am.
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Thanks for your comment jiyaagrawal... I ended up having my hair done and I must admit ... I love it. I think I will give going natural another try when I am fifty! :)

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I am 45 for the last 2 years and I decided to let my hairs go grey but now I stopped it because my hair was so damaged. My hair color is dark brown or curly and I love it. <br />
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It’s not necessary that grey hair may look good on every woman. It all depends on how you look and the condition of your hair. I also agree that just because women are past 40, 50 & up they should not get their hair cut short just because some people say so & think they should. It would be better to all look natural.<br />
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<b>Grey hair</b>

You are so young to have gray hair. Does it bother you to be gray so young? I can't get over what a hypocrite I am because ... I think you should dye your hair ... you are so young!! You see I am old and it is time that my hair match my wrinkles ... your hair is incongruent... aren't we funny (I mean ... we humans in general) Perhaps we should just both ... shave our heads! lol<br />
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I understand not wanting parents to look older .... I so get that. I think we just don't want to sense time passing ... we feel like we are losing one another to quickly then. <br />
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I have thoroughly enjoyed this exchange!

So funny! I am letting it grow out and I guess I do not have as much gray as I thought ... but still feel the same way about my dull light brown hair. I think I might even prefer the gray as it will give me some highlights. So funny you talked your dad into coloring his hair, My husband looks very young except for the the gray shooting through his beautiful black hair. I always tease him that some day people will think I robbed the cradle ... maybe he should die his hair so I can claim Cougar Status! :) My kids do want me to look young. They are more invested in my appearance than I am. My husband would love it if I quit coloring my hair and never wore make up another day in my life. I am lucky because he finds me attractive without all the extras. Still, I just read an article about Cher ... I realize she has had a lot of plastic surgery but even still ... she is in great physical shape and looks much younger than 64.<br />
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I am in good physical shape as I have always enjoyed working out. I will always be exercising in some form or another. I think my desire to let my hair be its naturall color stems from my hot yoga practice. It is opening me up more and more on so many different levels. I find I am losing interest in anything that complicates my life .. I want simplicity, authenticity and peace. Now ... I am also a big hypocrite ... once my hair really starts growing out, I might "Forget this!" and get my hair dyed platinum blonde! lol I will keep up with my yoga though! :)

Me too! lol The gray is peaking through my latest color/high lights. Right now my hair is carmel brown with blonde high lights but my natural dark blond with lots of gray is coming through. I guess I will just have to do my yoga breathing to get me through the urge to run to the salon. My latest hero is Jamie Lee Curtis who let who hair go gray when she was my age ... I love her simplicity and I think sh looks great ... so ... wait for me Jamie Lee... I am on my way to becoming a silver sister!

In this world where youth is prized and age isn't, I hope it works out for you.