I Tend To Grieve Too Long And Go Into Deep Depression After A Death

often no one can really reach me..

I am only just starting to step out of a grieving for my grandfather

It was hard to appreciate the $2,000 he left me .. I did a course with it and it all went on that and a dinner set .

but he would have approved of that I think

 I grieved hard and long over Bill and my Grandma and also when Diana died.

grieving is hard to carry

even after my cat died it broke me up... nothing mattered afterwards

its like I say you don't even want a relationship... (after my grandmas I did but that will never happen again)

I made a mistake trusting ... or expecting people to care for me.

its hard preparing for death as well, be it a week or month or years away...

life does mean much... if just a pause til death.
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1 Response Apr 28, 2012

I grieved deeply after Werner died it was hard with all the abuse going on and my friend drowning.