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Grover's - Is There A Cure Out There?

I am a 50 year old male dealing with this for over five years. I have tried every cream there is but none do anything other than relieve itching.
I have being trying Graveton, a herbal tablet taken daily. It seemed to be working in that I definitely saw improvement. However, i decided to go back to running and have induced another outbreak due to heaving sweating. Very frustrating. Now I am wondering if the Graveton just coincided with a "transient" period of abeyance.

I am going to try vitamin D as suggested by another post I have just read. At this stage I will try just about anything.

Love to hear from anybody who has a suggestion.

Grovers123 Grovers123 46-50 5 Responses Oct 30, 2010

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Hi I read your story and identify with your frustration. I just created a website for those of us who suffer from Grovers Disease. I'm not selling anything. I AM trying to help reduce stress and help prevent others from going thru endless doctor visits and wasting money. I would value your opinion if you would take a few minutes to look at it and tell me if you think it would have helped you initially. I want it to grow to help others. So going forward any suggestions would help me help others. Especially since I'm doing research on blogging and if starting. Blog might also help. I've never blogged before so I won't jump in unless I can really help. Please read my personal story under Treatment, and Relief. You are not alone. Also as I read thru all these stories of frustration I see our Disease is not being treated with respect from the medical community. Too much antibiotics that kill everything and leave our immune systems wide open to attack. My recent bout was as a result of No-see-ems bites. Made me sick, stressed, and another breakout. As I move forward we need to improve our health. Not bombard our bodies with more meds

Have you ever been tested for gluten allergies? You may want to look in to that as not grover's disease put possible allergic reaction to gluten.

I have a list of a LOT of different culprits ......... it seems cause for each individual could be different, but obviously affects the same nerves or whatever. I read about Milaria Rubra (I thought I had that) & it too is a stinging itchy problem. So I changed to a low histamine diet (the DAO enzyme in gut is unable to offset histamine properly) & did swimming for exercise in cold spring to work at getting rid of visceral fat, that weakens organs. I've been getting relief from itching, tho I did have a new area pop up last week, so there is something out of balance .. this is a gift to let me know this.

Also important to be gluten free for sure, and I'm now grain free. I have copied all the cures others have had & what their culprits were & have it on a word doc I would share. Thank God for these blogs to reach people who have been there, done that.

I will see natural md also. Testing is probably good idea to see what I am deficient in. Iodine? Vit D? I want to nail this at the root. I am determined to take my health back since my Lord died for me to be free & healed. I plan to talk to the Young Living Essential Oils distributor as well .. the Bible talks of how they used them.

I am a 65 year old lady and I have been subjected to the itching for 2 years now. I had been treated for scabies and lo and behold I find out that the medicine that the nix for scabies has in it can be connected with Grovers disease. I did research and I am now using penatin which has the ingredient zinc oxide in it. It has 18% zinc in it higher than the 15% regular zinc oxide and if you put it on after your shower where you have the break outs of skin and itching you will get relief and it start to disipate. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS TRY TO KEEP COOL AS HEAT SPREADS THIS SITUATION AND IT IS TRANSIENT MEANING IT DISAPPEARS. Hope this helps.

Miconazole Nitrate 2 % Antifungal Cream works best for me when I break out.<br />
When it's applied to the infected part of skin it gets really red and flares up but<br />
it goes away in a day or two. Best over the counter cream for me. I've tried everything<br />
and have been battling the condition for 25+ years.