I have has Grover's for a few years with no Luck. My wife had cream for grand babies diaper rash.
I thought what the heck. Works real well for me, give it a try(price is right). Also, is number one for grandbabies..

Penaten creme

Thanks, Good Luck..  Buddy
nevadabuddy nevadabuddy
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Take copper supplements

I've found what appears to be an effective treatment for Grover's. Apply Olive Squalane Oil (available online) followed by Dermol 500 moisturiser (available from Chemists). I've had Grover's for about 5 years but was only diagnosed about a year ago by a Consultant Dermatologist. He suggested Dermol 500 which was fine during the Summer but as Winter started the rash returned quite aggressively. After 4 weeks of using the Olive Squalane in combination my skin has become less dry and virtually normal.