First Steps In My Cure For Grovers Disease

Hi 6 days (Sunday) ago I woke up with Grovers, I felt a little off for about 3 days before, a little flushed with sensitive skin. I had my annual check up on Thursday so decided to wait until then for confirmation (which I got). I felt it was triggered by a combination of things, stress (the usual, job/money etc... not enough sleep and to much wheat in my diet that week ( a lot of pasta and bread). I went straight for the calamine lotion which kept the itch at bay and took two Benadryl, which helped a little. But what REALLY worked was ALOE VERA (the real plant - NOT the bottled or tablet form). Take a long stem and break it open, rub the Aloe juices on spots twice a day morning and night, completely removes the itch and reduces the inflammation. I expect it will clear up soon. Oh yes and NO wheat for a few weeks and let go of the stress... I am quite sure it is 100% stress induced... hope this helps
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I have Grover's too and I am curious as to whether you have had any further ourbreaks since you last wrote?