I have Grovers and have no answers. Why, what will help, triggers, anything? I don't fit the profile-female, 50's, really good skin. Suggestions with relief?
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I cured my dad from this terrible disease with 100% unrefined Emu Oil - just used once a day. Do some research and just do it. My mom and dad are so very greatful to me - they tell me I found gold.

What is your Gasrtro-Intestinal Tract like? You could have leaky bowel syndrome. The small intestinal walls become thin and permeable, causing toxin build up, which then try to escape the body through the skin, causing itching, scaling, bleeding,disfigurment. and other skin symptoms.

I am 46 and female. Had Grovers disease for more than 10 years now. The outbreaks last every time about 2 years, before they slowly go away. I am covered with scars. Nothing really helps, most often I use medicated powder though. It dries up the seeping from where I scratched and it cools the skin. But the scabs that build start itching after a while too.