Grovers Herbal Remedies (graveton Or Gorvical)

I am a 63-year-old male. Have had flare-ups of grovers over the past 15 years but I am experiencing another flare-up following a colonoscopy at an outpatient GI center. Neither an oral antiobiotic nor triamcinolone cream, both suggested by a dermatologist, has worked. Has anyone tried either Graveton or Gorvical, herbal remedies. The itchiness is uncomfortable but not yet unbearable.
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3 Responses Jan 26, 2012

I spent a few winter suffering from this disease, now have it under control, by just keeping the skin treated. Using Curel Itch Therapy and Aveno colladial Oatmeal lotion for Exema., Not total relief , but I can live and sleep.

I got gorvical, made in Pakistan.. Last year took two little green pills for 40 day , got rid of 98% of it ..then it came back.. Ordered more got bigger pink pills for 50 days don't work as well but does make a noticeable difference. I think a healthy diet is the key...

Hi Drewru,
My god what a horrible disease and poor you... 15years!!!! I am a 44 year old female and have had Grovers diagnosed also though my suffering has only been 2 years.
From what research I have done and numerous doctors opinions I have been given I have come to the conclusion that Grover's is a disfunction of the skin causing the sweat ducts to block. I have discovered a natural remedy to unblock the sweat duct and it is to take 2 x 100ml doses of freshly squeezed lime juice daily and moisturise daily with Alpha Keri Dry Skin Treatment. The lime tastes terrible (but is worth it) and I'm sure any oil based moisturiser would do the same job, but after just 3 days my symptoms disappeared. I have been able to resume daily gym workouts and enjoy the Australian sun once again! Try it.... you have nothing to loose!!!