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I have been fussing with Grovers disease for about 2 years.  I have tried everything but the Graveton pills.  I just sent off my order to try them.  I am desparate.  I have been a widow for the last 3 yrs.  This is actually making my remaining years miserable.  My dermatologist has tried many things, As of now, nothing has worked.  Oh, the ointment has given me miminal relief.  I live in Cabo San Lucas for the winter.  I tried laying in the sun and only found relief when I was swimming in the cool ocean.  And that was only temporary.  I recently met a very nice man my age and we are now cohabitating.  Lo and behold he has grovers disease now too.  I was told it was not transferable.  He is miserable.  We are going to separate dermatologists and neither one has any answers.  We both have the same symtoms.  We are constantly itching everywhere.  Even our toes and fingers.  Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night and the itching is so bad, we have to take showers.  I sometimes let the water get so hot it burns my skin.  The relief is only temporary.I pray this is not the way the rest of my life is going to be.  Any treatment that is successful PLEASE let me know.  Jean
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Hi I read your story and identify with your frustration. I just created a website for those of us who suffer from Grovers Disease. I'm not selling anything. I AM trying to help reduce stress and help prevent others from going thru endless doctor visits and wasting money. I would value your opinion if you would take a few minutes to look at it and tell me if you think it would have helped you initially. I want it to grow to help others. So going forward any suggestions would help me help others. Especially since I'm doing research on blogging and if starting. Blog might also help. I've never blogged before so I won't jump in unless I can really help. Please read my personal story under Treatment, and Relief. You are not alone.

Dear Jean, Hi, I too suffer from grovers disease. Showers are a no, no. The spray just irriates the rash. You should be taking cool baths. Sweating makes the rash and itching worse. I avoid excersizing in the sun. I walk in the evening and take a cool bath immediately. I was sorry to hear swimming in the ocean didn't really help. I was convinced that the healing powers of the ocean was my best bet. I think my next course of action may be to try a cortisone shot. This is for eztreme cases which sounds like the both of us. If my doctor concents to this I will post the results. <br />
Best Wishes, cill

I received a shot for my Grovers and it only helped the itching for a few days. The Prednisone pack was great because for 4 days there was no itching, but it came back. I am prescribed Doxepin 25 mg for itch now at night and Allergra in morning. The itching comes and goes now, like today I didn't itch at all but the last 2, I scratched a lot. I always have scabs. It takes forever for the spots to disappear.