How Grover's Affected My Life

Just before Thanksgiving 2011 I broke out with this rash on my back. Since I had 15 people coming for Thanksgiving dinner I called my physician and made a doctor's appointment. When I went in the doctor questioned me about had I been around small children. My 2 year old grandson had been staying with me so immediately it was diagnosed I had scabies. I went through 2 treatments for scabies and then was referred to my first dermatologist. This man said he didn't know what it was but probably it was excema. I went through 2 different treatments with him. I then changed my GP doctor and by now the rash is on my back, chest , thighs and stomach. Every night is hell. Then new GP recommends complete allergy testing. I go through this and it shows nothing. I finally tell the doctor I am at my end I really would rather be dead than keep on this way. Nights are like sleeping in a bed of red ants. I hate everyone around me because I hate my life. This doctor finally realizes how miserable I am and sends me to another dermatologist in the next town over. This guy looks at it and says he does not know what it is but does a punch biopsy. I wait seven days and go back and he tells me I have Grover's disease. He gives me the pills to help me sleep at night and the cream. Since then I have been studying on the web what others have done. One person suggested using Solaraze, it is usually used for small spots of skin keratosis to kill that skin and keep the spot from turning into a skin cancer. If the skin dies and grows a new skin. The new skin will not be damaged and an area for Grover's to latch on to. My worst areas lately have been stomach and thighs so this is the area I am teating first.So far this has been helping.
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Hi I read your story and identify with your frustration. I just created a website for those of us who suffer from Grovers Disease. I'm not selling anything. I AM trying to help reduce stress and help prevent others from going thru endless doctor visits and wasting money. I would value your opinion if you would take a few minutes to look at it and tell me if you think it would have helped you initially. I want it to grow to help others. So going forward any suggestions would help me help others. Especially since I'm doing research on blogging and if starting. Blog might also help. I've never blogged before so I won't jump in unless I can really help. Please read my personal story under Treatment, and Relief. You are not alone.

Ion silver cream , or ion silver powder for info; go to t Bob Beck protocol
Garlic is a good insect killer and might be doing a good thing as well.
Thank you for sending this message around dear scabie-fighters , much love
and hopefully science will pick up and integrate this model as it is an overall good medicine

For more information, feel free and be welcome to my facebook, thank you

~ Luis Jane

P.S. In my opinion, and in this time, mainly, the purpose of the presents of scabies is to teach the Earth's people about the respect to bear for the limit of their descendants amount, namely; the overpopulation.

Use 100% unrefined Emu oil. My dad has had it for the past 10 months, after 2 days NO ITCHING, after 2 weeks you can barely tell it is there!! This is gold to my parents!!!

Is it OTC ? regular drug stores?

No, you have to order it over the internet - I bought mine from Daybreaklavanderfarm search "emu oil" and it is the first one that pops up.