Beating Grovers

So I have had Grovers for the past 4-5 years straight. Nothing worked... I found this site and read some of the home remedies etc as well as spending a lot of time and $$ at the dermo.

My dermo had put me on 200mg of doxy 2 x a day for a small area of adult acne. This cleared up the acne and reduced the Grovers by maybe 10%.

Getting frustrated I made a list of what had worked for others. Long story short - after 4-5 years of this miserable, god awful disease, I found my cure. After two weeks tops - NO MORE GROVERS!

Here is what worked for me - I kept taking the 200mg of doxy 2 x a day, but I simply added in a Garlique tablet with every doxy. Even in the GA 100 heat, working outside (which used to kill me) Grovers is gone! I tried to back down to only one doxy / garlique a day, but I noticed some redness and went back to the 2 x a day deal. Make sure you eat with this combo - makes me feel sick if I don't.

After almost 5 years with no results I have found relief. It's an easy and no side effect cure for me - I would imagine others might want to give this a try.

I know how miserable this stuff is - we all do. Even with my "silver fillings" in place... this concoction worked. I am going to cancel my dentist appointment and leave the fillings in... lots of info coming up on the composite replacements... Long story short - this might be worth a try. Check with you dermo and see what they say.

Best of luck to everyone in finding your cures and getting your life back.

jester757 jester757
41-45, M
Jul 21, 2012