My Life With Grover

After about 5 months of going to the doctors about a very itchy rash on my back and bottom,he recommended me to see a dermatologist. The doctr had tried taking me off certain meds, creams, butvtheyvdid not work. The only thing that works is Prendisone,but the doc would not give them to me for more than a couple of weeks because of the side effects. The dermatologist took a biopsy on my bum, and it was grovers. Have not had any meds for this as yet as I had an infection caused by my scratching I suspect and he is waiting for it to clear up. After using various creams and ointments which don't work, only cool it down. Ihave found the only that works, but can't use between legs is a cream called itch eze which contains an anaesthetic, really for insect bites, but it works, is in a bright yellow tube. Not life threatening, but still awful, and hard not to get depressed about it
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Hi I read your story and identify with your frustration. I just created a website for those of us who suffer from Grovers Disease. I'm not selling anything. I AM trying to help reduce stress and help prevent others from going thru endless doctor visits and wasting money. I would value your opinion if you would take a few minutes to look at it and tell me if you think it would have helped you initially. I want it to grow to help others. So going forward any suggestions would help me help others. Especially since I'm doing research on blogging and if starting. Blog might also help. I've never blogged before so I won't jump in unless I can really help. Please read my personal story under Treatment, and Relief. You are not alone.

Doctors do not know about Emu Oil or they are not prescribing it. I'm not sure, but it WORKS!!! Get 100% unrefined Emu Oil and use it once a day all over!! You will see no itching in about 2 days and almost completely healed in 2 weeks.

Hi there,thanks for writing to me, I mentioned thyroid to my doc last week, and he said in my blood tests my thyroid is normal, some suggest it Meyer be related to sweat glands,which maybe true as last summer I started sweating on my face just walking around, gone now as it is winter here, but tobe honest from what I have read online,no one really know the cause. It is impossible not to scratch as it is so intense, I found antihistamine did nothing, but I use diprosone ointment which the dermatologist gave me which does soothe it, but does not make it go away. Also I use an aloe Vera gel which stops the itching for a while. But I itch at different times of the day. At night when I go to bed,my legs will itch from the knees down, but they don't itch during the day. Anyway good to hear from you,keep in touch.

That is so true about the itching. When I iron, my butt itches! Go figure, and it doesn't itch during the day, some other place does.

I have Grover's too....I'm about to lose my mind. The only thing that worked was an over the counter non drowsy antihistamine ...then, i got a cardiac arrhythmia from that. My family tells me just to stop scratching...not possible ....Doc said its my Thyroid causing it....have you heard that?

The last time my family told me to "stop itching" I told them to go back to school, be a scientist, then discover a cure for Grovers and then I wouldn't have to scratch anymore!