Stops The Itch

Diagnosed with Grover's Disease about a month ago. Age 66, male. Three weeks of Doxycyc Hyc
have possibly helped, but only a little. However, I kept reading that a product from France, Aloplastine by name, was sometimes helpful. Couldn't find the product available in the U.S., but the ingredients are all available here, so I made my own. Aloplastine is made up of 22% glycerol (glycerine), 25% zinc oxide, and 25% purified talc. I already had some vegetable grade glycerine, so I bought extra strength Desitin (40% zinc oxide), and Johnson's Baby Powder which is pure talc, proportionately mixed them together in a paste and slathered it on. Virtually all itching stops within 30-60 minutes, and I can go two full days without having to wash it off and reapply. Anecdotal evidence, I know, but it works for me. Maybe it will work for you, too. Will discuss with dermatologist at next visit. Downside: I smell like a baby with a fresh diaper if you get too close.
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66-70, M
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is that still working well for you? Is all your grovers gone?