Herbal Remedies - Do They Work?

I am a 44 year old female - I have had this disease all my life - I remember having the rash at 15. I live in Australia and it looks like, as an 80s teenager, when tanned was cool - that I might have overdone it. My Grovers has flared up badly over the last 12 months. I have the rash under my breasts, down my back, on both thighs and calves, and on both arms, sometimes up my neck. The itch is incredible. I have been misdiagnosed numerous times, before my Dr finally sent a biopsy and had it confirmed 100% - I have spent a fortune on pills and potions that don't work, including the antibiotic/cortisone treatments. Now the dermatologist is talking about Phototherapy (which I am not sure I can afford) or oral retinoids (which are known to damage kidneys and liver) Anything which causes that much harm can't be good for you. I have naturally oily skin so putting something like coconut oil on my skin just makes me shine, but I am willing to try anything. I have read online about the promises of Graveton, Vegnofax and Gorvical - I am naturally skeptical of some of the amazing claims they all make. Do they actually work? I would like to hear from real people with real stories - not planted testimonials.
Also has anyone tried a nautropath or homeopathic treatment with good results?
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Hi - I am a late 30's female and was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago. Mine flared up when my father passed away and my doctor and derm seem to think it was brought on by stress. I only get it on my chest - very itchy and inconvenient always having to think about what to wear to cover it!

This is the weird thing ..... everytime I go on holidays it clears up. It has baffled us all.

I have been to derm, doctor, naturopath, had allergy tests and tried numerous creams to no avail. The best success I have had is by using Hope's Relief Premium Eczema Cream - they have a website or your local chemist, or Priceline. Takes the itch away and it has been the only thing to work - also kept the rash to say 95% clear.

About 3 weeks ago I had a massive flare up after eating salami pizza and red wine. It got me thinking that i always drink red wine at home (say 3-4 times per week) and NEVER on holidays. I was also reading Karen Fishcher's The Eczema Diet book and she mentions a herb/vitamin called Quercetin. So i stopped the red wine, got Herbs of Gold Quercetin Complex and also found Bimminne II (herbs for eczema) on - i kid you not ..... rash free!! I am soooo happy - I can't believe it. Rash free in 1 week.

I'm going to keep taking the tablets for 3 months, then cut out the Bimminne ones, then gradually the Quercetin and not drink red wine and see how it goes.

I know how much money you have probably spent because I have done the same. Might be worth a try, especially the red wine bit.

Good luck, it must be so hard for you having it this long. My 4 years was killing me. I will let you know if I have a relapse anytime soon - be interesting to see how long I stay rash free.

Another thing I did that helped (and also helped my cat whose hair was falling-out), i stopped using fabric softener. My cat had major skin issues and we didn't know why - she now is perfect again.

You live in Australia and have not tried 100% unrefined Emu Oil!!! OMG - go get it tomorrow, my dad stopped itching within 2 days and almost completely healed within 2 weeks. I truly hope this helps you also, I have every confidence it will!!!!