Been Fighting Grovers For About 5 Yrs/need Help

I've been dealing with Grovers for about 5 yrs now. I have a lot of other health issues,but none of which are associated with Grovers. Have gone through extreme amount of stress , so suppose that may be part of it.

I'm on the site to share what I've learned ,and hopefully find better ways to deal with it from others that have battled this.

This is what usually happens with me:
I normally use lacydrin cream 12%. That helps some with dryness. However once grovers starts flaring up, I have to use BenzaClin Cream. Sometimes that stops if. However, if it gets past that , I have to use Ampicillian 500 mg. Then that stuff makes me really nausiated and feel like total crap. It eventually gets rid of the problem , but I get very irritated while on this Ampicillian, and then lots of times end up with Thrush. So then have to get on Nystatin swish and swallow for Thrush. That in turn must have something in it that causes breaking out.

This is just a vicious cycle. Also have tried Clobetasol Topical Solution and used Hydroxyzine 25mg for itching.

Also allergic to Sulfer Drugs, Biaxin , and Tetracyline

This issue has really effected my greatly with social life and confidience. All the breaking out is painful, itches like crazy , and looks bad. The constant "Thrush" issue and feeling like crap from Ampicillian is also tough to deal with.

Any help/suggetions are greatly appreciated.
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I would strongly suggest seeking a Natural Doctor. there are lots of them in Austin .. MD's who look beyond drugs & seek the ROOT CAUSE & address that .. not sure where you are. They say most disease starts in the GUT. Suggest revamping your diet: No Gluten; No Grain; No Meat & Dairy from big-agriculture. Breads & grains are not what they used to be ... there is an overabundance of gluten and it turns to glue in our gut. Grass fed meat & dairy only. Lots of greens .. green smoothies are good & powerful, as is juicing. But then there are nutritional deficiencies.

I have read another blog others talk about some of the culprits in their case: sulfites from alcohol, mercury (algaman fillings), previous sun exposure/damage, and deficient Vit D & deficient iodine. You know your history & if any of these pertain to you. I was diagnosed today by a Dermatologist, but I am not doing the cortisone prescribed because of the resulting problems, so choosing coconut oil to put on it. Til today I'd go swimming in cold spring & put on baking soda after - that seemed to lessen the itching.

I had new outbreak start last week in another area - right now neither are itching badly, but I have been revamping my diet to be low histamine, so eating no spinach & tomatoes & eating more kale & onions. I read about histamine results on the site for Milaria Rubra, which is another stinging, itchy problem .. where the DAO enzyme is not working right to offset the histamine in foods .. gut! I thought that was my problem. All I know since changing diet & getting exercise for a change by swimming in cold water, I have felt better.

Naturopath treating me for parasites ... I definitely have a gut issue ... my stomach area is big and doesn't go away, so I'll see a natural MD for another opinion & seek testing for any nutritional deficiencies. My Lord died for my healing, & I'm seeking the manifestation of that.

Hi gmann434, I feel your pain.... I have grover's too. Although I have ditched all medicine based treatments and have found complete success with a simple natural remedy to unblock the sweat ducts (which is what I believe the problem to be). I take 2 x 100ml of fresh squeezed lime juice every day and moisturise with an oil based moisturiser called "Alpha Keri Dry Skin Treatment" daily. After just 3 days my symptoms disappeared and I have enjoyed several months of daily gym workouts and the Australian sun which I missed for the 2 years I suffered with Grover's. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose! And no side effects that the medical treatments have!!!

Thank you GG - but let me understand this in US terms. 100ml = 20 tsps, 6.7 TBSP, or .4 cup (almost 1/2 cup). That\'s a lot of lime juice .. you DRINK IT? do you put it in water, or anything else? wow .. do you do it fast? And do you mean that you drink it twice per day? And how long did you continue this, and did it \"cure\", or just take care of the problem for now?
I appreciate your response.

I found a cure for my Dad!! He has had Grover's for 10 months. Use 100% unrefined Emu oil, use once a day all over. I'm tell you it WORKS!!! My dad was so bad for the past 10 months - he tried everything! After 2 days of using - NO ITCHING - after 2 weeks now it is almost all gone!!! I need to get the word out to everybody that has this terrible nasty disease!!!

The Repair I mentioned is distributed by Advanced Wound Care.
The service # is 1 - 888 - 933 - 8063 It comes in a powder or gel.
My OHSU dermotologist said I didn't have a skin disease, he thought it was related to medication. I was dieting and sometimes I would take Chromium Picolinate. In July I thought I was breaking out again with the hot rash., I put ice packs on my legs with a padded towel. Again I had used the C/ Pic. At least I didn't get the blisters, this time.

I still think you shoud find a Ear - .Nose and throat Dr.
In case you're wondering, mine gave me Clotrimazole 10 mg Trouches.
He also gave me Clindamycin 300. The worst stuff was Dexameth Diphenhyd. You have to drink lots of water. Don"t go telling your Dr. you wanrt to try them. You have to have a proper diagnosis. I think you're right about the vicious cycle you're on.
Some Drs. are so conceited. A neurologist, called me a name in my records, so I wrote him a letter. He called me a name he thought I wouldn't find the definition to Supratentorial. Otherwords, I'm a hypochondriac. It's all in my head that I have a serious neuromuscular disorder and I must be doing all this ******* because I must like doing it.
I'm beginning to think that my PPO is covering his you know what when he gave me a drug for nerve pain, and it caused this. But he claims, "No, Neurontin doesn't cause this condition." The next time I go to him, I'm going to ask him for my Medical Records. They have to give it to you if you sign for sloppy side notes. I kept good notes about my visits. After my sister died in front of us in her home, I fell to pieces. I realized that the way the Hospice nurse told us to give her morphine pills, like chewing tobacco, sped up her death. You just don't knock off your sister, and then say "What a relief." She refused to go to Hospice, which was better for her, but they should send a nurse to the home to do the Meds. ~ Boshie

I have never heard of Grover's disease, but it sounds like a P.I.T.A. disease. I have had a real bad case of Thrush which turned into Glossitis, which goes a lot further down the GI tract. I was originally put on Septra for 5 months because of a kidney infection, and a Staghorn Calculus had to be removed.
I tried a Yeast Cleanse diet - No sugar or starches along with some things I ordered on-line, but it didn't stop it. My naturopath told me to gargle with Goldenseal. I finally called an Ear - Nose - and Throat Dr. I Know he gave me a lot of things, one was Troaches that I had to suck on every few hours, maybe I could go through my pharmacy drug record and tell you what he did to me to recover from what is basicly Candisis. It can go throughout your entire system, so maybe you should find a E/N/T specialist. The Ampicillin could actually be killing out your good flora since all antibiotics can do that. But I honestly don't know what is causing the skin problem. I also went to a Dermatologist at OHSU because I was having awful blisters appear. They sure did burn and itch too. The skin would even die and then it would take forever to heal. Some Dr. sold me Cellerate, which is now sold under the name "REPAIR" The box says:
It's doctor recommended for: Superficial wounds, such as cuts, blisters and abrasions - Surgical wounds, - 1st and 2nd degree burns - Chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcurs, - Stages I- IV and ulcurs resulting from arterial insuffficiency - Just about any other general dermatologic condition."

It's actually "Collagen" which speeds up skin repair. I mixed mine with a little Triple-anti-biotic ointment. I showered before application and put a non sticking Telfa pad on. I know this sounds like very personal info, I'm not trying to be a Dr. all I know is this stuff works great. Go on-line and look for it, and I will look for the paper that came with the little bottle which costs $20. but I assure you, it heals skin. BOSHIE