Grovers Disease - I Found A Cure For My Dad.

My dad has had Grover's Disease for about 10 months, he has tried everything the doctors gave him with no relief. I ordered 100% pure unrefined Emu Oil for my dad, after 2 days - NO ITCHING. After 2 weeks can barely tell there is anything there (just looks like slight bruises now). My mom says this is GOLD. My dad is so very grateful and so happy that he finally feels better. Now remember, unrefined Emu oil is what you want, use once a day all over. I don't know how to get the word out to people about this, but if this helps somebody, I'm sure happy about that!!!


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Thank you- i have spent an insane amount of money- i am in month 4 of sheer hell. Willing to try anything.

Hi Juliann
I've been dealing with Grovers for 6 months now. Did the emu oil have to come from Australia or New Zealand, or did you get in the US?

Where did you buy the Emu oil?

My dad can actually take a nice relaxing bath now, without having to worry about the rash coming out. It doesn't. Trust me, take the risk and please post your own success story on this thread so other people can benefit and believe. The word has to get out, you will stop itching!!!! And the sores will go away!!!!!!!!! I am not in any way affiliated with people who sell Emu Oil or this company, I show havanese and breed them, just to let you know.

I actually posted to my facebook friends about this, one lady had a 5 year old child with severe exczema and he would itch so bad all night he bled - just like you guys do with Grover's. She had to cover his arms so he would not scratch. After my many updates about my dad not doing well over the months, then after I posted about the success of the Emu Oil - she bought it. After 2 days - he doesn't itch at all!!! This makes my heart so happy!!!!

Yes, unrefined. Refined loses a lot of the healing properties. I bought it from my dad from Daybreak Lavendar Farms in Ohio. My dad still gets the symptoms that he is going to have an outbreak, i.e. "shortness of breath and not feeling so good", but he only breaks out maybe 2 little spots now, and they don't itch or hurt and disappear. Get it, it will help you!!!


I'm curious if your dad is till essentially "Groover's free" since using unrefined Emu oil.

Thank you.

Hi just wondering if it has to be unrefined, have been reading articles about unrefined and it may still contain bacteria, I have grovers disease and are from Australia and are very interested in your article, but just a bit concerned about bacteria content in unrefined emu oil. thanks

You have to order it over the internet, just google "unrefined emu oil".

were did you buy unrefined emu oil?