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I'm suffering w/Grover's for over 2 yrs.  Finally was diagnosed and given Clobetasol Propionate ointment to use twice daily for acouple of week.  I didn't like it, was to thick an impossible to put on my back.  My back seems to be more afflected than my chest.   Would love any advice to something else that is available to stop the itching.  I really do suffer frm this.  Hope to hear from anyone that has some encouraging advice or help....Thank you, marlene

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Recently diagnosed with Grover's and it's driving me insane.
My Dermatologist prescribed Clobestasol mixed with an over the counter Sarna.If I take a cold shower before my wife smears it on, I get severak hours relief. Plan to try everything I see on here that people say helped them. It's heart breaking that my golfing days are over.

I had it for 3 months, it drove me crazy. Tried everything until finally the Derm prescribed Permethrin Cream 5%. U put it all over your body & head & it went away overnight. It was a miracle cream for me.

there's also a spray form of clobetasol propionate (trade name Clobex) that your dr can prescribe. be forewarned though - it's pricey. ask your prescriber for a coupon

I was diagnosed two years ago with Grover's disease. I am a 47 year old Caucasian male. Once properly diagnosed in San Francisco I was given accutane, a few cortisone shots and a daily antihistamine pill. The accutane worked great although filling the prescription is a challenging process since it is designed for teenagers. The ipledge program is very rigid since accutane causes birth defects. I was clear for a good year and a half. Then just before a trip to Europe an outbreak worse than my first. The second round of accutane did not work at all. The propionate ointment is useless. I use vats of moisturizer. The itching is horrible and visually unappealing. I am actually going to try the tanning bed and vitamin D approach. I also may see an allergist just as well. It seems to me that since it was named as a disease there has been no research on it and therefore physicians are just dealing with symptoms. Perhaps given current technology there maybe some links to something. In the meantime..I feel like a dog with fleas..in fact I think I make my dog itch when see watches me!

I feel your pain. Mine lasted 3 months. Permethrin cream 5% was the only relief I could get. It went away overnight. Good luck!

For Marlene from teachndick<br />
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Marlene. If you have Grover's then I don't need to tell you how devastating it can be. My body has itched almost continuously for the past five years. I got some relief from the Clobetolsol ointment, but like you I hated the stickyness...especially when I had to apply it at night. I literally stuck to the sheets.<br />
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I joined this website in hopes of bringing relief to other sufferers of Grover's. You can reach me via e-mail at peters_65@yahoo.com. I hope you try the vitamin D cure. Please let me know how it turned out for you.<br />
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Richard Walker, Olympia, WA

For Nanoosk. I used a tanning bed because we have no sunshine in Olympia Washington !<br />
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Just kidding...but I did want to maximize my exposures and accurately quantify the dosages of sunlight.<br />
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Best Regards, Richard Walker Olympia, Washington.

Marlene, I have gotten relief from my Grover's by exposing myself to tanningbed sessions and taking high dosages of vitamin D tablets . I tripped to this cure when I remembered that my dermo about 30 years ago called a rash across my back "cold weather excema" I decided taht my Grover's might be caused by lack of vitamin D. So far so good. I started vitamin D and tanning in Feb and have had no outbreaks since.<br />
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Love, **** Walker, Olympia WA