You Guys

                                                   i have grown close to quite a few ep members! this story is for you all. you all know who you are and i think the world of ya i do. when i have missed one or two i go searching! so, yeah i love you guys. thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!

flourlady111 flourlady111
46-50, F
11 Responses Feb 21, 2009

ASi do yours my friend!

Thanks I also appreciate your friemdship:-)

thank you all very much!

In the short time I've known you you have been so nice and caring towards me.You really are an amazing woman and I hope to know you for a very long time. xx

I agree with all the above!<br />
You mean a lot to me flour!!!!!!!

thanks ya all i think i may keep the tail then!

You're a sweet lady!

I agree with the others. I only became your friend bc I thought you were the sexiest tail on EP lol. Seriously i love you girl.

Yeah... probably one of the nicest tails I've seen on EP.. ;-)

Ah flour - I love love love you!! You do have a sexy tail!! :)

Thank you and I really, really like your tail.