The Ones I Took to My Real Life

There are so many I am close to on here as part of EP and I won't mention those or we will be here all night, but outside of EP the closest person to me is Silver01TA.  I share everything with this man.  He is a hero in my book and if you don't know that I love him by now you aren't reading my posts. 

HeavenBesideYou- She is my best chica and I adore her so much.  If I am going to get in trouble with anyone it will be her and then we will have to call Silver to bail us out of jail.

Snowbunny- She is adorable and I spend a lot of time biotching to her about the things that really p*ss me off in life and she does the same.

All1Rog- Our relationship is really a quite lovely one. LOL He is so adorable.

CreamDream- He is a lot more than what he displays on EP.  He is a very caring, compassionate, and articulate man with a lot of dreams and plans for his life.  He inspires me to be a me of tomorrow and not the me that I am today. 

ChrisV- Chris is simply adorable and with that peanut butter fetish of course we became fast friends.

Goldie- Well Goldie is adorable and I love to text with my girl because she always finds a way to put a smile on my face. 

Loopnscc- Well he is my buddy and takes care of me when I need it.  He is my forever friend.

BetaCarroten-  He is my adorable friend and makes me feel like a million bucks!  He is always there for me.

RichieRich- My loving friend and confidant!

Undisclosed Name- Probably the other person, other than Silver, that I am closest to is my military man.  I adore this guy so much.  He is another hero and I am very proud of him for the job he does.  He is one of my very best friends and this story would be incomplete without mention of him.  I don't tell anyone his screen name sorry because I keep him all to myself.  LOL


These are a few of the people from EP that I am closest to in real life.  Will I add you to that list? 




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I love you too sweetie.

MMMM come on.<br />
<br />
Ahhhh Air.

FG your like that box of chocolate, you just never know what kind of trouble you are going to get


I have no idea what you see in me.

Mewold, I will not answer for Chris except one question and that is that it doesn't give it time to dry out because he just loves peanut butter so much LOL.<br />
<br />
TDK, You would be on the list, but the last few weeks you work a lot of hours and we don't get to talk as much. I miss you.<br />
<br />
Ar, Because you are a very handsome young man and you are just plain adorable when chatting one on one. <br />
<br />
Kry, Awww I am blushing. It is all your fault.

Well, it's good to hear that if we wind up in jail that Silver will come bail us out and that it will be Chris' fault. I know it could never be my fault, because I am a total good girl these days! ;)

Ok we have just esablished that mewold is color blind. The shirt on his avatar is grey... like his facial hair. and creamy peanut butter is better. sometimes the crunchy is difficult to get out of your navel. Although it is great fun tryingThe only thing beter is whipped or marshmellow cream

Lets get back to the pb. Chris (it is a blue shirt), just exactly where on fg to you put the pb, and do you take it off or do you make her do it? Which brings up another question. Can she reach it when you put it on her? Is it smooth or crunchy? I just love pb. I would eat it off of fg, but I don't care where you put it on you, it would have to dry and flake off.

everyone wants to hug me... everyone always says that.

And Alex was adorable too BB.<br />
<br />
If Ar was my kid I would just hug him all the time. <br />
<br />
Awww Salar. Flattery will get you almost there. LOL

Great post Fg ..... Good composition ........ Popular topic <br />
Well laid out .... Good spread ..... Such a clever writer ....Just wonderful ... Hugs Hugs If your ever in Scotland do drop in for a Dram ..... Em Em can I be in your gang now ....please ,please pretty please Huh . xx<br />


I still adore you.

-_- have you seen my pictures i look mean.

Awww thanks Rog.<br />
<br />
Ar, i will always think you are adorable.

I think my role of trouble maker is still safe in my hands!

MMM I love hugs y'all<br><br />
<br><br />
Of course we are friends Oben

Same here Carla! i am proud to call you friend.

Dan, and you do it so handsomely lol.<br />
<br />

MMMM..... peanut butter

LOL Ar, I love you anyway. <br />
<br />
Chris, You just have mellowed out in your old age. lol Was it gray? I thought it was blue. Maybe it was gray.

Well i am both tired and sleepy but i think i have made my point.

I use to put gum in my sister and brother hair.<br />
<br />
When i was little i would trick or treat my house 5-6 times in one night waiting for a group of kids to come to the door and act like i was with them, because i was lazy to walk around and it was cold.<br />
<br />
I don't remind my old (60-65) guitar teacher to turn down the volume when he puts one of my cd's in because it is funny to watch him jump.<br />
<br />
I like to call young women old to see what kind of reaction i can get out of them.<br />
<br />
I had a cattle prod at one point in my life for a VERY VERY short amount of time... guess why lawls.

When i was 3-4 years old i would go around taking my grandpas or dads beer and chugging it down then put it back while they didn't know what happened. Dark beer taste nasty but it was funny anyway. <br />
<br />
I found a funny youtube where this thing popped out at the end. I told my friend to watch it while i turned the volume up full blast and told him to look really hard. He jumped 3 times in 1 second. It was funny as hell.<br />
<br />
When my friends wouldn't shut up and let me drive i decided to give them something to complain about. I came 1" into hitting a concrete slab thing before i pulled away. Since then one of my friends has never gotten in the car with me. It has been 3 years...<br />
<br />
when i was 4 years old i pooed in the bathtub and blamed it on the cat... mom hit him in the head with a pan. poor fella.

Not yet i got something to prove...

I'd say you're a bigger touble maker than I am... ;p

One time me and my brother had a dentist appointment and he was suppose to get dropped off at the dentist by my dad. I told him the wrong place and he had to wait till he could get a hold of someone to come home. We was very young maybe 10-12 years old...

You mean tell everyone how I like to put PB on FG???

LMAO, see Chris now you have to tell everyone! HEHE that was a mean trick. I have done meaner things. <br />
<br />
Mewold, i have no clue (wink wink)<br />
<br />
G9, walk toward the light sweetheart... toward the light.

I gave my sister a scare above her eye when we was both very young<br />
<br />
She brings over a new friend i embarrass her. <br />
<br />
I scare her every chance i get. walking up behind her in the dark and just waiting for her to turn around. <br />
<br />
sometimes i will wait behind a corner and jump out at her.<br />
<br />
I put her in head locks and give her noogies to mess up her hair.<br />
<br />
I started many water wars while still living with my mom getting her and the entire house wet. <br />
<br />
Also snowball fights inside<br />
<br />
Kicked out my window screen when grounded to go out side and have fun<br />
<br />
Ran away twice but not really just hid to scare my parents

Blue shirt? I thought it was gray???

Chris, which guy in a blue shirt and black hat?

Yeah... peanut butter does distract me sometimes....

I've done the rubber band on the sink squirter thingy... lol

It makes my grandma mad because it gets them wild and she has to deal with it not me.

Hey what's that flashing in front of me , turn that off I can see Arrggg#.

Now I do play with the laser pointer with my dogs. That is mean? They have such fun trying to chase the light.<br />
<br />
I communicated but you didn't send the memo. You had the peanut butter on your mind again.

I also take the flash light and drive them crazy because for some reason they like to chase it and get wild. <br />
<br />
If one of them starts to snore i wake them up because it bothers me. <br />
<br />
If one is sleeping i wake them up just because...<br />
<br />
i ran over my friends trash can after i dropped him off then i drove off and let him clean it up.<br />
<br />
While watching my friend play a video game that i already beat i told him what to do so he would die and i could laugh at him<br />
<br />
My dad has a carpet with spikes on the bottom side of it. I turn it upside down for him to step on bare foot. <br />
<br />
I take a rubber ban and strap it to the sink squirter thing so when someone turns on the water they get all wet. <br />
<br />
I would lock my sister in a closest and leave her their when baby sitting her...<br />
<br />
I threw a basket ball on a chickens head when it was on her nest. so it would chase my brother around. which it did and i laughed.<br />
<br />
i would put tooth picks in my dads car seat to sit down on.<br />
<br />
I took dye and made my brothers hair yellow when he was sleeping.<br />
<br />
While playing pine cone wars at camp i threw rocks instead.<br />
<br />
i tickle my dogs ears and feet while they are asleep.<br />
<br />
Ill think of more i need time...

I was supposed to send the memo? I think we need to work our communication skills....

You Chris. See everyone it was Chris's fault that G9 didn't get the memo. Write this down. You will see a pattern to form. It is ALWAYS Chris's fault.


You were the secretary of the club.

You didn't get the memo? FG... you're slipping up here... ;-)

Dagnabit did I just miss another hug fess . Hey who's suppose to notifies me about these things .

I bet they're really confused too... lol

i put food 2" in front of my dogs then eat it really fast also i don't give them treats after to make up for it. Their dopey eyes has no effect on me!

hey... did you just call me old??? :-)<br />
<br />
I'm not as old as that guy with the gray shirt and black hat... Ha!

Or possibly it is bc he is adorable that he just gets away with it Chris. Do you think that is the case mewold?<br />
<br />
Ar, I think Chris has you on evil tenure lol because he is verrrrry old. He isn't young like us tee hee.

Mewold... try standing on one leg while causeing trouble... that might help... lol

I got a lot of stories...

I try to cause trouble but no one pays any attention.

I don't know FG... he does a pretty good job at making trouble too... ;P

Not as much as Chris Ar. Chris ia the best at it lol.

I cause a lot of trouble.

Yeah... but I'm a good trouble maker... ;P

Who else? I can't blame it on anyone else that they would believe it about more. All know you are the trouble maker lol.

Yeah yeah... always blame it on me.... ;-)

I always do, especially when I know I have messed up. I say, "Chris V. did it." Or my other fav is "Chris told me to do it so it wasn't my fault it was his. LOL"

You used my name... ;)

LMAO... Hey there my darling. How did you know I was talking about you.

Ah yesssssssssssss. PB and FG... Two very nice