According To My Physical


Well I have grown almost ½ an inch since my last physical. I found out on the reports that the doctor sent to my home a few months ago.  (Yes, I am just getting around to reading them.)  I thought as one got older that their bones decreased and we got shorter.  I would say all the vitamins I take are doing what they advertised or else I would have shrunk with everyone else.


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I think it is probably a reader error, throughout my adulthood my height reading fluctuated between 5'2 & 5'4. I think it all depends on who is reading it and their viewing angle. few years ago I was told I was 5'4 during my physical and then few days later was getting fitted for skies and I thought I would check my height and to my disappointment I was back to my 5'3 height.

LOL y'all. Goldie I think they sell a vacuum thing but a 2 inch one is just going to get sucked in isn't it? I am not certain what I would do with it but I do know that I would find other ways if I was in love with the person.

Hmm good question Fun, maybe they sell some free weights??? :P

True true. No hatin' just appreciatin; :-D. Let me know the name of those vitamins! Thanks girl.

I wonder if there are exercises for men similar to what we do?

haha I feel ya on that

LOL Goldie. Two inches are just going to leave me wanting for more. Quite honestly we would be warming up the tongue at that point LOL<br />
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Moon, I will get the name of those vitamins for you too. And don't hate the pla<x>yer... hate the game lol.

I am totally hating on you, fungirl! :-p. jkjk<br />
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I would totally love it if I grew a few more inches. Hmph!

Yes! 2 inches...I never thought I'd be so pleased to be excited about the possibility of 2 inches hahaha

LOL, well we will hope you get 2 inches Goldie lol! and go to the doctor first thing in the morning for that next physical lol. <br />
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Cass, interesting. Thanks for sharing.

That's interesting Cass!<br />
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Sahweet Fun, I'm going to be a half inch more awesome in due time!

Will do. They work wonders. LOL

Of course the tall get taller...but us shorties stay short. :P<br />
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Yeah give the name of those vitamins, I could do with a new view. :)

I about freaked when I read it. I was like wtf? how did that happen? I am taking these great vitamins that have a lot of calcium in them. I think that is why.

What?! I'm jealous! I would kill for some more height!