I Said It Was A Soccer Game; I Lied

So, I like mischief.  We invited 8,000 people to watch a soccer game involving a local team pitted against a well-known regional professional team.  Well, it wasn't exactly a soccer game.  As the crowd assembled, 175,000 water balloons were on the field begging to be tossed. You can guess the rest.


Guilty fun?  A tad bit...

That kitti was the evil mastermind.

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6 Responses Dec 12, 2011

That was hilarious! I want to play with y'all next summer! Thehe

Only the gents? I prefer warm weather too!

Started with bikinis and wound up naked with grape juice filled balloons lol This could become very interesting

I totally want in !! Yes evil master mind present and totally proud of it !!! =-D *runs around ep dashing water balloon to the right and to the left *

I want in on this!

Wonderful! Hmm... What to wear (assuming I have to wear something)...?

Hmm, bouncy... Water bra? Damn, they don't make those in my size! Uh... Leather would get ruined, so... OMG, bouncy! One of those rubber bikinis they sell in the fetish stores!

Make it in the South in July and I guarantee you'll have more people wanting to join in then you'll have balloons lol And half will be in bikinis :-D

Down here anything goes lol

Finally! A sport I can participate in! LOL Easily understood too!

You know how gullible we EPers are! We just might fall for it! I have some land in Alaska. Perfect for growing oranges! Let's make a deal! LOL