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Yes. Not to be cryptic and secretive, but if I told you, you would know what they are, and I'm not sure I would be able to enjoy those things anymore. Part of the enjoyment is the isolation of it.
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what will hurt in the long run? not holding grudges against accidental injuries? <br />
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if a person does it over and over again, its not an accident, and then i do hold a grudge

As odd as it is, my sensibilities are easily shocked if I'm not prepared for what I am about to see or hear. I don't hold grudges for accidental injuries though :)

i don't even joke about that. i was molested and raped as a child.

Umm, I was definitely not expecting to see that when I saw I had a new story comment. And now I am blushing and don't know what to say. Give me a moment to compose myself.<br />
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I was thinking more along the lines of, there are a few country songs I actually like listening to.

I am curious if anyone else feels this way?