Hatched Some Last Year

I ordered eggs on ebay.  I had incubator problems with power outages and the house got really hot.  I still hatched 12 of 24.  When they got old enough, I put them in a pen outside for the 6 weeks they need to remember where they are.

When I let them out, they decided they liked a low tree in the front yard.  Turns out coons also like guineas better than chickens. 

The only ones I had to live slept up higher with my female turkey.  They became her "goon squad."  No females.  The guys dont talk at night much so thats good, but they gang up on my roosters.

36-40, F
3 Responses Aug 5, 2009

No doubt...........

I am addicted.... Cheap er than drugs...lol

That's cool hatching fowl. I remember when my pap used to do this. Having peeps run around.......