I Have 'em And Love 'em

I didn't have to for wish my breast development. I am now in my 80's Physically fit and very active. I work out regularly to keep in shape. My doctor perscribed an anti-androgen (Casodex) as part of my prostate cancer treatment. I have been taking 50mg. daily for 6 months and now I fill a B cup bra to overflowing. My nipples are always hard and my breasts are sore with a burning sensation. I love the feeling of the fullness of my firm breasts that rival many a young woman and the sight of my perky pointy nipples. I don't have to grope my wife any more, I have my own to play with and it feels so good! There is a downside though, my libido has diminished and left me unable to have those delightful, intense nipple *******. Oh well we win some and lose some. Thats life!

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70+, T
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Is your wife happy about you having boobs and that you play with your own? Does she enjoy playing with him just like you used to enjoy groping her?

My wife is very supportive of my breasts because she knows that It keeps my cancer away.
she like to watch me play with them because she knows it makes me happy since I no longer can have sex. A half a loaf is better than none!