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My family have always jested about how the "gypsy" blood has got the better of me. "Why ME?!" I would exclaim. Noone else in my family seems to have been as unsettled in their lives as I have. My dad right enough, has moved around several times... Yet not quite as much as myself. My grandparents did too, but namely for work reasons.

Myseld, however, currently of 26 years of age... I am always on the "go"... I left home 10 years ago at 16, and have (honestly) lived in at least 25 to 30 different homes since. Not for getting kicked out or evicted or anything! I always live a very nice, pleasant, quiet, sensible life... I just get "itchy" and am compelled to go elsewhere, I get a feeling of it being "time to move on". I don't understand it myself... Of these 25 homes, they have been sprawled out over 5 different countries even, so definitely not contained to the one location geographically! Likewise, I've had many a meaningful, yet fleeting whirlwind romance... I captivate the heart of someone, and then within about a year or so, my heart goes running off and I chase it elsewhere.

We are researching into the history / geneaology of our family soon. I know there is a strong Scottish and Irish influence on my father's side, yet according to him his mother (my paternal grandmother) decended from gypsies, whether it be Romany or of the Basque(?) regions, I'm unsure... And I've never really looked into it before now. Yet at 1am I've found myself looking at "where to move next" and, considering I have an 8 month old son nowdays, it'd be nice to think I could sit still for once! I've never rented the one property for any longer than 12 months before!

It's strange and uncontrollable. I wonder if there really is something in my blood... I'll come back to report more if I find anything out!
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i have this too, on a smaller scale. i have no problem shoving clothes into a backpack and going on an adventure.

Most Roma are settled, and those that are not desire to be settled but cannot be due to prejudices and discrimination (especially in Europe).

Thanks for your input. I definitely desire to be settled... But nowhere seems right, and for a multitude of reasons we end up leaving. Thanks...

For anyone interested to know... I'll be moving again this December, to a town about 600 miles away. Gypsy blood FTW hahaha XD