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I Found Out My Family History Gypsy I am.

I found out my family history long ago. I was raised Into the gypsy culture. Just recently I got in touch with family in Italy. Now the Gypsy question came up in the first 2 minutes of a conversation. That struck me as Odd but i said yes I know. My great Aunt In italy said TIgani nu de sange prin alegere which again she is speaking Romanian not Italian. She speaks two languages  along with i have 4 under my belt. Anyways it means Gypsy by blood not by choice. We talked for hours about what i have. Ability to sense death and read cards at a young age naturally. And how this family curse Which Ok I heard my mom and grandmother tell me this story that we are cursed with death young. Now she is 94 But she knew the family history and said that she is married into the blood line and she does not have this curse. She told me the story of when My great great great grandmother upset a family for not marrying into it.. And left Romania with my great aunt family. And that they put a curse on the family. Now i do believe everyone one Born into the blood line dies young. before there 70th birthday .Which Mom aunts and uncle grand mom and her sibling so forth died young. I told her about my grandmother use to walk up to strangers being women. She predicted miss carriages. I honestly don't do that. But in the south it was part of the heritage to do that. She did it to my mother twice and aunt 3 times. my aunt said that it was bad side. My grandmother was considered a witch not a gypsy In the south.See what i have  I am able to know if someone is going to die soon. Hence my mother i saw her death that morning and kept feeling chills by Death chills. And i kept hearing 11:36. I told her about that. I cant go to hospitals because my senses go crazy. I went to a nursing home with a friend she asked me to do this for her. She wanted me to tell her about her grandmother was going to die soon.  I said soon sometime over winter. Which she died christmas night. I dont do that no more.  I told her about that. She laughed its a gift its in your Blood. You are and forver will be . But she told me i get that from my Great great grandfather. I told her about street lights going out and what my Dr. said its because i'm a SLIder that they have a study for it i could do. She said no its not that. She said Moron don't know nothing. She also said that Its a feeling up something I said or predicted coming to pass. Which she is right. about that. She said you get De javu and thats normal. You see it. You get a light being extinguished means you predicted the death or a something bad. Gypsies get De Ja'vu alot She gets it. But she said that i should come to Italy and spend time with the family. The few stories she told me were ones that were passed down from generation to Generation. they were the ones I heard. The curse is still on going to this day. But she said that I only contacted her about the being in the gypsy bloodline. She said that was Ok. She knew eventually that someone in the family now would come back to learn of the family history. I'm excited My brother is going to Italy with me to learn more. She even knew that my mother died which creeped my brother out. That i have blood family that is still living in Italy and a few in Romania. Another thing was she said Does being in a humid environment make me feel complete. I said yes. And i like Swamps and a hot nights and am i attracted to Fortune teller fairs ect. And that Only am attracted to Guys with family background that come from Romania or Italy  . *Ok wait she Knew i was gay. I don't even act gay for 1 I'm not flamboyant. str8 acting. She said that this boy you are talking to calls you Stefano. I only went out on one date. No one knows that. She read my brother a little bit. And said you never bare children. its not your gift. Your thing is the men go and Hunt and have great sense in Animals Hunting Knowing to find a snake to Finding a deer and fishing You never came home empty handed.He can sit with venomous snakes. She was right.. he was able to find Snakes in the matter of a minute or so. But the best part was that most of the family from the old country where she said we need to visit are still gypsies But a few are pushed to the edge of town. She still does readings today. She wont take a tourist that is there for a few laughs. She tells them to leave or simply throws them out in her way. But back to this part tells my to Move from where i am at. To the swamps. Which i have been trying for a few years. My How would i say this Il tuo amore nuovo maggese..(which means My love will fallow. She said i would feel more complete in a swamp land. The trial of life is a head. Don't use it for money use it for trade. Or good. So i and my brother Agreed to go there and she said Don't bring (Barri Chor Rakli chavi).. It's Funny she lives in italy and talks Romanian. She speaks italian in the village .But her main language she said i carry well . Because i was Taught that. Along with some Romi words. which she was Impressed. My main language is English. But she called that Devil slang. Which made here unhappy that i was speaking it. lol. So i talked to her mainly in Italian. She said the last thing I have a cleft pallet Which runs in the family. also,. Her Deceased husband who is blood lined into my family. Had it. She said that many many family members have that. It goes back 15 generations. That she knows of.. Well I'm Off here. I just thought it was interesting. Ohh to add to it I feel more happy now that i know and have a heritage to be proud of. To some its not to be proud. But to me and Brother we are Happy.  So (Dook) is what i have. My Uncle to this day. Has nothing to do with the family. Because he said were digging into Old santanic stuff. lol She told me and  my (Prala)  Brother to come spend the summer with Again ROMano  language (Kumpania).

May 9, 2011
Recent phone call. Today. I found More stuff Out. Besides Other things Gifts that have been passed down. I found out the darker side of it. 3 hour phone call with my Cousin and Great aunt. She Said that We have deception and death. We were tortured and Hung or Beheaded. Oneof the reason my Great great great Grandmother left was because her Twin brother was Killed. Some areas we have a violent past with another Rival family. What sucks is that this still goes today. In Sicily.. It was over a freaking piece of land and a cart. But the brother was killed Because of a curse that was placed on the rival family. But it got mixed up. My mother said that if i curse someone Unwilling to Believe that it will come back ten times harder or in my day Karma.
But Our family has Killed or been killed over the 350 years. From Romania to Italy. My grandfather was on a Bussiness trip in Italy in 1962 and was Killed In his old town over something But he was stabbed 23 times around the heart.  And one into the Heart.. But Bubala *great aunt* Said that he was robbed for the money he owed. In 1991 We found the killer. It was deathbed confession. So this rival goes back years. I Being under a diffrent name have know problem. I told her about my grandfather being killed.. But back to the past. She said that we have long line of revenge Ok i dont do revenge I just the tags out of my partners shirts and super glue his car lock key . lol. But They travelled alot town to town. fair to fair. If someone owed money or something it wouldnt be long till they were forced to give it up. But Goat keeps coming up in the Conversation. My grand mom Pauline another blood line gypsy she was more like a witch. No body did her wrong. But she passed away at age 69 2 days short of her 70th birthday. She said That i have a another gift to Read and Knack i call it. There minds. I can get inside there heads Which i do.  I worked with a police department one time to help solve a crime. Ive had numorous studies done over the years. After my mom passed away.She forbad  me to do it. She said it was so they can laugh at you. But back to the story. To this day  I have 2 family members that still own little trailers they travel around. the U.S with fairs. and In the old country alot of them still live pretty digusting lives. The bad history comes from prostition and slavery, That stopped she said in 1820's But She said my G.G.G.G grandmom lol. Owned 2 children that worked for her setting up tearing down shrines and tents She aquired them Because of money that was owed . I am ashamed of that. But then traded for Again Goats and food. My mom told me that story. again another story matched up. They still carry the last name. My Batismal name is Stefano. Fredericci is the family name along with Romanian name. Rather not say.  More to come. 
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