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The Unappeasable Urge

  Atlhough I am young and cannot afford it, my feet yearn to find new paths, to travel and see the world. I want to see things the way they are, to be a mere silent witness and a traveler who can commit the world to my heart.

  My heart has always seeked from a young age to travel, to seek new experiences and to learn all I can of the various differences that make up the world. I don't know if this wish might have been made from the simple fact that I was raised to walk wherever I wanted to go or if it something I was born with.

  Many times when I have nowhere to go to I will start walking for no reason or way, walking for hours until the pain becomes numb in my feet while my mind swirls in joy. By the time I can shake the feeling, the thoughts out of my daydreams I often find myself lost and very, very far from where I am suppose to be thus I have to find other means to get home.

  And even now I find myself staring down the long road with wishing and yearning in my heart, my eyes caught on a far point that no one can see. I just want to take off without looking back, vanish once more into the backdrop, erased from those who know me. Instead I have to take myself on a walk to get rid of the "twitchy paws" condition that even my dogs get.

  And still the road continues to call, a mere murmer in my mind and a promising caress in my thoughts!

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

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You might think all this is romantic and a dream...the reality is continual evictions, racism from the non-Gypsies and misrepresentation. Gypsies are hounded and denegrated because people don't understand the culture and traditions. Does that sound like a dream to you?

that sounds like bliss-- i love to walk around and explore new places too. hopefully you share your adventures with us :)