I Have Gypsy Blood

Although i don't know much about it, I learned afew years ago that i have gypsy blood in my viens. i learned this from my recently deceased grandmother who wasn't a gypsy herself, but told me of my family heiritage on her side of my family.

My great-grandmother Rose was a gypsy who did many things in her caravan, but the most memorable was her fortune-telling. Others in the caravan claimed that she genuinely had what they called the gift of Sight. people would come to her for all matters of life, whether it be money, love or simply what was to follow in the years to come. The thing that most surprised people was the fact that everything she predicted came true. But my grandmother was a very modest person, and never charged much for here services, claiming all she needed to live was knowing the fact that peoples lives were filled with happiness.

If i really think about it, my great-grandmother was a truely wonderful person, who would never do anything to harm anyone, as most modern day stories about gypsies would have one believe. And although she has passed away, i know she'll always be here for me and my sister, who plan on following in her footsteps. Me and my sister are the kind that can never stay in one place for an extended period of time, and we've always wanted to travel far and wide and bring gypsy knowledge to others, but, alas, the sad thing is, we have no one to learn the knowledge of the gypsies from, but we love to dance and we love to sing. Our family members have witnessed out actions since the day we were born and ever since, whenever we do something that none of them would, they simply say, "That's the Gypsy blood."

So, to end this tale, I will simply say this: I love my great-grandmother and the blood she had that runs in my viens today, and I may not know who or where they are, but if her caravan still exists, I'd like to join them one day in the future.

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I learned about it young. But most recenlty got in touch with family In the old country. We lost track of. But i'm not ashamed of it.

Rondito, it's quite possible that we share more than just gypsy blood. But, until we all figure out how far back everything goes, we may never know for sure. <br />
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Elaine, I take great pride in my gypsy blood. Tarot cards are part of my everyday life. I too, know things that will happen before they happen.<br />
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Alex, wander lust is a great thing. To see the world and her people. That alone is my greatest aspiration. Although, naturally, I do look for someone to share that experience with.

I too just recently learned from my birth mother that I have gypsy blood in me. comes from my mothers side of the family. other than that I really don't know much more about it... My grandfather her dad was full blood Cajun. which from my understanding is when the French came down thru Canada and had relations with the indians around the Louisiana. thats what I was told guess I will have to do a little research... anyway its way too cool to find out there are others out there who have been told the same thing. got to wonder did any of our ancestors caravan around together... could be we all have more than just gypsy blood in common...

it's fun being a gypsy,i've known all my life of being one.originally we come from bohemia which was taken over by the chek republic.but for myself sometimes i know things before they happen i also read tarro cards.i have a motorhome so i can travel and camp.and colors are a big thing for us.have fun and enjoy who you really are,love our gypsy blood!!!!

I enjoyed this thank you for sharing. I to have learned of a gypsy heritage and i share the feeling of wander lust.