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Just Had a Miscarriage At 5 Months.

I just had a miscarriage two weeks ago.  I was five months pregnant.  I was so happy about the baby when I found out that I was pregnant.  I waited a very long time to finally get pregnant and never thought anything like this could happen to me.  My two sisters never had any problems with their pregnancies and I guess I thought my pregnancy would go just as smooth.  But, a week before I had my last appointment at the OB/GYN I started to feel worried.  I kept thinking what if everything isn't okay with my baby.  I couldn't wait to go to the doctor so he could tell me i was just being silly and let me hear my baby's heart beat and let me see my baby moving on the ultrasound screen.  Instead, I was told my baby had no heart beat and there was no movement on the ultrasound screen.  At that moment I don't think I had a heart beat either and I feel as if it hasn't started beating again ever since that day in the doctor's office two weeks ago.  Now, every time I see a pregnant women I feel like I want to cry and I can't even look at a baby.  I don't want to ramble on too much. I just thought it might be a good idea to share my story and talk to other women that have had the same experience I have.

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Hi! I am Aj from the Philippines. I know this post was a long time ago but I hope you were able to move on and tried to conceive again. I was just browsing looking for an answer why I had a miscarriage when I came upon this forum. I was also 5 months pregnant when I lost my baby. It has only been 6 days. After fireworks at midnight of Dec. 31,2014... I was rushed to the hospital coz I felt a really hard pain in my abdomen. It comes and goes and I didn't know that I was already in labor (having a contraction). When we arrived at the hospital my water haven't broke yet and the doctors tried so hard to stop my contraction. Worst part was, they listened to the baby's heart beat and it was still beating. I know he's alive! After about an hour they still couldnt stop it and the baby came out. I didn't even have to push. But after the baby came out he didn't make it. The doctor couldn't tell what was the cause of it. I still have to come back tomorrow for a check up. I still couldn't stop crying. Especially atnight when I miss him the most cuz it's the time when I usually feel him move inside me. I have waited so long to have a baby. I'm now 30. I still want it. I hope God would still grant me one.

I was also 5 months pregnant when i had a miscarriage. . . My boyfriend and i are 3 years apart so for him he was so overjoyed and we picked out a name... i am 19 but i was still living with my mom and i had no way to get sonograms or hear the heart beat or know the sex. . . to make it worse the fetus came out of me on his birthday i had no idea how to react i was so happy to have a little someone inside me, me protecting Conner/Audrey... that i didn't know i could've hurt them.. not knowing what i did wrong...

I know a few people who delivered still borne babies. That was very hard too. There are so many options for women who want kids that cant have them so don't give up hope. Talk to your gyno and tell him or her how you have been feeling since you lost the baby so she can help you through it. SHe may refer you to a psychologist or a help group so you can talk to people who have had similar experiences as yours. You are not alone, you just have to reach out to your dr and tell her you need help

not help group..I meant support group

A friend of mine had sixteen miscarriages before finally having three healthy babies. So don't give up!!!

I also lose mi baby at 5month wen a went to di dr to do an ulta sound only to find out dat their was no heart beat r no movement of mi bby. An nw am try so hard to get pregnant again but am not everyday I cry asking god y he had to take mi one son an den I can't have a nex one

Thank you so much Sisterkaramazov for your sympathy. It is much appreciated.


Hi Stephanie Sunflower,

Thank you so much for your sympathy. My heart breaks for you as well over your mom's loss. But, as you said, luck does happen and as luck would have it not long after my tragedy I did conceive again and give birth to a beautiful baby girl. She just turned 4 a few months ago! And I'm sure your mom felt lucky to to have gotten her beautiful little girl (you) in the wake of her tragedy. Thank you again for your post.

All the best,


Hi there. I just seen your post, my heart goes out for you, I'm sorry about your loss. You are not alone, I can tell you that, when my mom was pregnant with me and my twin, she lost my twin at 5 months, it was devastating for her. She went to the washroom, and a bunch of blood and stuff came out of her, she was crying and crying, and knew that she lost one of her babies. Luckily, the doctor told her that she was still pregnant and she had me, I was a miracle baby, and luck happens to everyone, don't worry my dear, you will have a beautiful baby boy/girl one day.
Keep your head up,

hey I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, today it has been 8 years since I lost my son. I was 5 months pregnant and I started bleeding, went to the hospital and they told me the news that I was no longer pregnant. I started crying and couldn't stop. I was 16 when I was pregnant. every may 29-31 I cry because even though its been 8 years still hurts. I wish I could have met my little man. but I think that he is happy up in heaven and when I leave this world I will meet him.

Hi diddothewrongthing88,

My sympathy is with you. I feel the same way in that even though it has been 4 years since I lost my baby it still hurts and feels like yesterday I was in the doctor's office hearing the news that my baby was no more. I can say that I did conceive again and I am blessed with an adorable little girl. She just celebrated her 4th birthday a couple of weeks ago. If you have not already conceived again you will soon, I'm sure of that. You are so young and have so many years left to be a mom. Please know that you are not alone either and I am here if you ever need an ear to listen every May 29-31st.

Good luck to you.


Hi Prfic,

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. The pain will lessen in time and you will conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Perhaps, give yourself some time to just be a teenager. You are so young and have plenty of time to find that special someone and start a family. If you need to talk you're welcome to write in again to this post and I will be happy to listen. Good luck and take care of yourself. C2323

Hi my name is ashley im 18 years old i just had a miscarriage almost 3 weeks ago i was 5 months pregnant and i had to deliver my baby it was hard i understand how it feels

So they took yuhr baby out from inside yuh

Hi MilesMom,

My heart is breaking for you after reading your story. I was spared the trauma of having to deliver my baby after I had the miscarriage so I can not even imagine how you must feel after holding your baby and then saying goodbye. I can only say that time does help and you will conceive again and give birth to a healthy baby. It was my first pregnancy also when I miscarried and I was pregnant again soon after and my daughter just turned 3 in May. Believe me when I say that it will get better and you will be a mom, sooner than you think I'm sure. In the meantime if you need an ear to listen you're welcome to call. My number is 718-317-1889. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily.


I recently had a miscarriage on Thanksgiving; noticed a little discharge and slight bleeding that night and called my doc just to be sure everything was ok. The nurse told me to monitor the bleeding and if it became heavy to go to the emergency room. The bleeding never got heavy but when I went to the bathroom I felt "something". I still felt no pain but went to the emergency room. After I was checked in, I began to feel cramps and later contractions. I was told I was having a miscarriage; my heart is and was so broken. I was five months and this was my first pregnancy. I delivered a beautiful baby boy with a strong heartbeat. He rested in my arms for about two hours and then passed. I don't think Thanksgiving will ever be the same.

hi its perfectly normal i think iv just miscarried on my first baby at 5 months and i also have polycystic ovaries so wen i came back from afghan and found out me and my boyfriend had caught the day we got back i thought it was a miracle. im due now on new years eve and im rele struggling to cope . im 21 years old and i am devestated i went into labour without even realising it waters had been leaking for about 12 hours then my waters fully broke early morning i went to the hosipital after bleeding very heavily where they then told me misscarriage or terminate . the day i went to terminate i miscarried any way and went into labour . the only thing im thankful for is having no pain at all ? for some strange reason. and trust me every day is a struggle and i wish i could tell u that it gets better but yet i am not at that stage . i hope you do get better . olivia x

Hi Nic1701,

My heart is breaking for you right now. You should tell your boyfriend and family right away...they love you and I'm sure they would support you. You shouldn't be alone at a time like this. It took me a long time to get over losing my baby and only after I conceived again did the pain fade a bit. Believe me when I tell you, that you will conceive again and give birth to a healthy baby. No words will ease your pain but in time it will begin to lessen. In the meantime if you ever need to talk to someone I am always ready to listen. My email address is and my phone number is 718-317-1889.

Hi Magturne,

I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I was depressed until I conceived again and you will conceive again too. Trust me, it will happen and probably sooner than you think. Please, never lose hope and always remember that you are not alone. If you need to talk about it please feel free to email me at or call me at 718-317-1889. I am always ready to listen.

I feel so sorry for you. I was 5 months pregnant and just had a miscarriage. The baby had no heart beat. I'm very depressed. But I still believe God will bless me with another baby !!!

Im 20 yrs old and i just found out i had a miscarriage at 25 weeks. I went to my doctors appointment excited to see my little girl only to be crushed when told there was no heartbeat or movement. All i could do is cry and blame myself. I dont know what to do im so depressed my 1st baby is gone and i dont know how to tell my family and boyfriend please help

Glad to hear you have a baby God has blessed you. I lost my first little girl at 22 weeks my cervix started to open then contractions continued and I gave birth they said it was due to an infection because the sac and baby was infected. I then got pregnant about 6 months after and again at 22 weeks I lost my baby boy the same thing happened the doctors said they seen it once but not twice its very rare but now they say they will put me on antibotics I am quite scared about getting pregnant again but not sure how long to wait but to all of u my prayers are with you.

Am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my baby girl last month on the 19th of September. It's very hard for me as well. So I know exactly how you feel & what you are going through. It gets harder everyday since my due date was in February. My thoughts & prayers are with you through this tough time.

Hi sadmummywithfaith,

My heart is breaking for you right now. But, I am here to tell you that you are, indeed, correct and you will be blessed with beautiful healthy babies in the future and most likely the near future. I conceived shortly after my miscarriage and now have a beautiful little girl who just turned 3 years old. there is no doubt in my mind that you will soon be posting happy news of your new and healthy baby. In the meantime if you should need a shoulder or an ear to listen please feel free to email me at at any time. I can't access that email address on the weekends but if you should need an ear on the weekend you are welcome to call my cell at 718-887-1839.

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your husband.

Clare (c2323)

i too am sorry for your loss. i understand how you feel. i just lost our first baby of 22 weeks last friday. Delivering a baby with no heart beat was unbearable. He was a baby boy. While other delivering mothers could hear the first cry of their babies, ours was still&quiet. :( i was heart broken and i am thinking about him every single day. if he was still in me this week he would be 23 weeks old. i pray and hope that this wont reoccur and that we will be blessed with beautiful healthy babies in the future. i continously remind myself that he is at a beautiful place looking down at us.. and that someday we will meet again at the heavens gate.

Hi Ladyluck94,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss but very happy to hear that you are pregnant again and all is well. I have no doubt that you will give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. I am equally happy to say that I too got pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and she turned 3 this year!

I wish you and your bundle of joy all the happiness in the world!

All my best,

Clare/ c2323

Hey there,
I know exactly how you feel.
I was a young mom, pregnant only about a month after my 16th birthday.
I had made arrangements for an open- adoption, but fell in love with my baby.
I was making preparations to have a baby, when all of a sudden me and the father went to the doctor for a measuring and heart check.. there was no heart beat and I had to give birth.. it broke my heart..

Think about it, talk about it, and in time you will heal.

I am now pregnant, the doctor said everything is perfect :)
Keep your head up girl, ill keep you in my prayers<3

i am so sorry for your lost,here i am pregnant at five months and wishing i wasn't just because i didn't get the girl i wanted.crying my eyes out.i wish i could exchange places with you.

Hi ChefAshes,<br />
<br />
Let me start by saying how incredibly sorry I am for your loss. I too experienced the loss of losing my baby but I can't imagine the pain that you felt going through child birth and going home with empty arms. Please believe me when I say that soon enough your arms will be full. You will give birth to a healthy baby. I know the pain seems unbearable now and you probably feel there will never be an end to it. I am here to tell you the pain will fade and you will experience the joy of having your first child together with your husband. Nothing anyone can say will stop the pain you're feeling but sometimes talking to people who have been through what you've been through can make all the difference. If you ever need an ear to listen you are always welcome to contact me at my work number (which is where i usually am most of the day) 212-908-6227 or my email address at In the meantime I will keep you and your husband in my daily thoughts and prayers.<br />
<br />
Clare (c2323)

Hi<br />
I came online looking for women who have gone thru the same thing I went thru. I was 21 weeks pregnant when we lost our first baby, a boy Evan James in May 22, 2012. On May 16 we were rear ended and everything was fine until I started bleeding on the 21st. I was rushed to the ER and immediately hooked up to all the montors. Little did I know I was having preterm labor. They did a quick ultrasound and said my placenta was detached and that my cervix was dialated 2cm. We saw our baby boy just a moving around in there. The. My contractions started coming within seconds apart. I ended up having an epidural needle stuck in me 3 times before they could get it in. Then 6 hrs later at 530 am my water broke. At 734am I gave birth and Evan was gone. We held a funeral 3 days later and have his tiny urn at home with us. This has the worst experience ever. We were looking forward to our first baby together and all of a sudden he was taken away so quick. It's only been 33 days but I just hope it gets easier for us to cope with our loss. We know he is in heaven and we know that Gor has a reason and a plan for everyone and we will see him again.

I understand exactly what your going thru. I had a miscarriage a week ago n I was only 4 months. My baby didn't have a heart beat. Its the worse pain anyone can go thru.I'm sorry for your lost..

Hi Melsf87,

I too am sorry for your loss as well. You will conceive again and give birth to a healthy baby. I just celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday on Friday so I know that there is life after miscarriage. Right now your body and mind need to heal. In the meantime if you need an ear to listen I am always available. My personal email address is You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi Milleib33,<br />
<br />
I'm so sorry for your loss. Your heart will most likely break a few hundred times more before it finally heals. But, believe me when I say , it will heal and you will conceive again and you will give birth to a healthy baby. In the meantime if you need someone to talk to you you're welcome to contact me on this site or at my work email address ( I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.